Purple x Gold Laurel Crown Mani

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I've spent the last couple of weeks tidying up the house and the yard to invite people for Christmas party. Our yard was quite a state after being neglected for nearly a month while we were in Japan, and with this hot weather, weeds grew so tall. Mowing isn't really my thing, and I'm so glad everything is over! I can finally sit down and do my nails. I also spent some time changing the look on my blog. Not completely done yet, but so far I'm liking the simple look.

Onto today's nails. I decided to create a mani using some A-England shades I recently bought.

Middle finger & ring finger: I started off with base coat then placed a piece of circle tape from What's Up Nail Art Store near cuticle, and painted A-England Avalon over the tape. Then I made a stamping decal out of laurel-crown-looking pattern on Pueen Fancy Lover 01 plate (review post here) using Hit the Bottle 'To Have and To Gold', coloured in with A-England Rose Bower and Cathy. I placed those decals on middle & ring finger, and finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

Thumb, pointer & pinkie: Base is A-England Cathy. I placed 4 sets of striping tapes vertically on those nails, and painted Rose Bower over the tapes. Added a gold stud and topcoat.

Out of all the beautiful images on this Pueen plate, this stamp really caught my eyes, and I thought it would look gorgeous with purple x gold combo. Glad it turned out the way I wanted!


Finished product, with HK Girl topcoat

中指、薬指 : ベースコートの状態で開始。What's Up Nail Art Storeの円形テープをキューティクル付近に置き、上からA-England Avalonを塗ってテープを剥がす。Pueen Fancy Lover 01プレート(レビューはこちら)の月桂樹の冠のような柄をHit the Bottle 'To Have and To Gold'でスタンプし、A-England Rose BowerとCathyで色付けしてdecal作成。decalが乾いたら中指と薬指に配置してHK Girlトップコートで仕上げ。

親指、人差し指、小指 : ベースはA-England Cathy。ラインテープを4本垂直に置いて上からRose Bowerを塗って剥がす。金のスタッズを追加してトップコートで仕上げ。

Polishes used


A-England Avalon
A-England Cathy
A-England Rose Bower
Hit the Bottle To Have and To Gold
I had a hard time naming this mani (as always). This stamp reminds me of laurel crown,
hence the name

PueenのFancy Loverプレートを見たときに一番最初に目に飛び込んできたのがこの柄でした。月桂樹の冠を思わせるカッコいい柄なので、紫と金を使って高貴な感じに仕上げてみました。それにしても、最近ゴールドスタンプ多くないか?自分。
This A-England Cathy is perfect as a base for nail arts, and I'm so glad I got this one

この間買ったばかりのA-England Cathy、ネイルアートのベースに使いやすい色ですね。ちょっともったりしているのが気になりますが、こういう薄い色系統もっと出してほしい。A-Englandはちょこちょこ集めて今16本ほどですが、今回みたいにAEだけ使ったネイルアートができるようになって嬉しい限り。



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Ann Madison
30 December 2015 at 07:54 delete

Awww! Thanks for sharing! I`m in love with japanese nail art . It`s so elegant and eye-catching!

Pretty Noona
30 December 2015 at 09:12 delete

Very nice manicure, I love the color combination and pattern that you used to create this fancy looking manicure. I hope that your Christmas party was a sucessful event for you and your friends. =) Have a super New Year.

Cassis P
30 December 2015 at 15:27 delete

Thanks hun! Yes, Christmas party turned out successful, yay! Have a wonderful new year to you too!

5 January 2016 at 18:44 delete

Very nice nail art with amazing color

Cassis P
5 January 2016 at 21:16 delete

Thanks hun! That's great to hear^^