Skull & Splatter Mani

By this time of the month, almost every nail artist in the world has created at least one Halloween mani for the year right? Well, I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to create one this year. I'm just not good at creating seasonal manis which have to be done at certain time of the year. After I did the review on Pueen Halloween plate, however, I feel motivated to create one just in time.

Middle finger & ring finger: Base is Sinful Colors Cold Leather (middle) and JOSS Dazzling (ring). Because Sinful Colors Cold Leather is a matte polish and decal won't stick to a matte surface, I applied topcoat before proceeding. I made stamping decals out of 2 different skull images from Pueen Halloween Party 01 plate using Pueen Pure White, and coloured in with red (JOSS Dazzling), gray (A-England Wuthering Heights), and navy (Sinful Colors Cold Leather). Once decals are dry, I peeled them off stamper and placed each on these 2 nails. Finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

Thumb, pointer &  pinkie: Base is Rimmel Gray Matter. I stamped the splatter image on the same plate with navy (Ya Qin An Navy), red (Pueen Exotic Red) & white (Pueen White). 

I couldn't finish this mani in one sitting as I was super busy. Decals were pre-made (just before topcoated) on Day 1, base was painted on Day 2, and the rest of the process I finished on Day 3, duh! There are just too many things going on at the moment, that it's hard to concentrate on doing nails. Anyway, I'm glad I have one Halloween mani done this year. I've seen so many purple and orange manis this month already, so tried staying away from those colours. No a typical Halloween mani, but that's what I like about this mani.

Finished product. In the sun

中指と薬指: ベースはSinful Colors Cold Leather (中指) と JOSS Dazzling (薬指)。Sinful Colors Cold Leatherはマットポリッシュなのですが、decalはマットな表面には貼りつかないので事前にトップコートを塗っておく。Pueen Halloween Party 01プレートの2つのスカル柄をPueen Pure Whiteでスタンプし、赤 (JOSS Dazzling)、グレー (A-England Wuthering Heights)、ネイビー (Sinful Colors Cold Leather) で色付けしてdecal作成。decalが乾いたらスタンパーから剥がし、この2本の爪に配置。仕上げはHK Girlトップコート。

親指、人差し指、小指: ベースはRimmel Gray Matter。同じプレートの水しぶき柄をネイビー (Ya Qin An Navy)、赤 (Pueen Exotic Red)、白 (Pueen White) でスタンプしてトップコートで仕上げ。

Polishes used


JOSS Dazzling
Sinful Colors Cold Leather
Rimmel Gray Matter
A-England Whuthering Heights
Pueen Exotic Red
Pueen Pure White
Ya Qin An Navy
What do you think of this gray-navy-red combo? I reckon they work quite well together

By the way, this midi ring is from Luna Pyxis. I bought 3 recently, and am keen to get more!

ともあれ、ハロウィン定番の紫やオレンジを捨ててネイビー・グレー・赤という新しい色合わせに挑戦できたのは何より。メインの2本(中指と薬指)以外の爪は同じ3色を使って簡単に水しぶき柄をポンポンとスタンプ。ハロウィンぽくないけどちょっと新鮮で自分では気に入っています。ちなみに中指のミディリングはLuna Pyxisで購入しました。もっといろんな種類欲しいな~。

Pueen Cosmetics Halloween Party & Double Fun Plate Review

I have 2 new plates to show you today. They are newest release from Pueen Cosmetics, and one is Halloween plate and the other is a layering plate called Double Fun. 

As usual, here are the links to Pueen Cosmetics store and SNS:

今日はまたPueen Cosmeticsの新作スタンピングプレート2枚のご紹介。1枚目はハロウィンプレートで、もう1枚はDouble Funというレイヤリングプレートです。

いつものように、Pueen CosmeticsのショップとSNSへのリンクはこちら。

These are what I received. Product page is here and here. Price is $4.99 each.


This is what the plates look like after taking the blue film off. Plate measures 12.5cm x 6.5cm.

ブルーフィルムを剥がすとこんな感じ。プレートのサイズは12.5cm x 6.5cm。

As with other rectangle plates from Pueen, they have pretty plastic backing as shown above. It's quite thick and makes the plate sturdy. Below, I'll show you each plate pic followed by paper swatch. Swatches are done with a regular polish (Sinful Colors Savage). As the images vary in size, I included measurement of some of the images for reference.

Pueenの他の長方形プレートと同様、上のような可愛らしいプラスチックの台座が付いています。かなり厚めの台座なのでプレートが安定します。以下、プレートの画像と紙swatchを続けてお見せします。Swatchには通常ポリッシュ(Sinful Colors Savage)を使用。柄のサイズはまちまちなので、一部の柄についてサイズも明記しました。

First up is Halloween Party 01 plate. Great variety of Halloween images perfect for this season. Full size images are all 2.4cm x 1.7cm, so they are great for long nail gals. Smaller image are not too small, not to big, just the right size. Everything stamps wonderfully.

最初のプレートはHalloween Party 01プレート。この季節に最適なハロウィン柄が満載のプレートです。フルサイズの柄は2.4cm x 1.7cmなので、長い爪の方に最適です。小さ目の柄は大きすぎず小さすぎず、ちょうどいい大きさ。どの柄も綺麗にスタンプしました。

And this is Double Fun 01 plate. As you can see, this is a 'layering plate'. If you don't know what a layering plate is, I recently reviewed one on this post with some example so you can get an idea. You can get tree+leaves, feathers, strawberry, globe, rose, flowers etc out of this little plate. It sure is a fun plate, and again everything stamps beautifully.

そしてこちらがレイヤリングプレートのDouble Fun 01プレート。レイヤリングプレートって何?という方は、こちらのポストで最近レビューしたときに使用例をご紹介しているのでご参考まで。このプレートから木と葉っぱ、羽、イチゴ、地球、薔薇、花などの重ねスタンプが可能です。こちらも楽しげなプレートですね。そしてどの柄も綺麗にスタンプしました。

So what do you think about these plates? I only have a few Halloween plates and layering plates, so I'm excited to have these in my collection. I haven't done any Halloween manis yet this year, and am hoping to create one soon.


*Products sent for honest review

Urban Geometrics Mani

I feel a bit better for the last couple of days, so I decided to create a design using one of the Cici & Sisi acrylic plates that I showed you on previous post

Thumb, middle & ring finger: Base is one thin coat of Picture Polish Lakodom. I placed 3 sets of regular chevron tape from What's Up Nails, and painted Picture Polish bonkers, camo & sky on each divided section. I peeled off the tapes as I painted them. Next, I made a stamping decal out of arrow geometric image on Cici & Sisi Geometry 01 plate using Messy Mansion Carbon, coloured in with Messy Mansion Soft Gold. I peeled off the decal and placed it onto these 3 nails. Finished off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

Pointer & pinkie: Base is Face of Australia Don't Judge Me (black). I made a stamping decal out of a different geometric image on the same plate using Messy Mansion Soft Gold, coloured in with Picture Polish shades used above, and placed it onto these nails. 

All 4 plates are fabulous, but I couldn't resist using this Geometry 01 plate first. As for colours, I simply used a few more of my untried Picture Polish shades (bonkers, camo & sky), and I was surprised they go so well together. I'm happy with the end result. 

ここ数日体調がよかったので、さっそく前回のポストでご紹介したCici & Sisiのアクリルプレートを使ったネイルを1つ作成してみました。出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product, taken in the sun

親指、中指、薬指 : ベースはPicture Polish Lakodomを薄く一度塗り。 What's Up Nailsのシェブロンテープを3つ爪に置き、Picture Polish bonkers、camo、skyを各セクションに塗ってテープを剥がす。次にCici & Sisi Geometry 01プレートの矢印風の柄をMessy Mansion CarbonでスタンプしてMessy Mansion Soft Goldで色付けし、decal作成。decalが乾いたらこの3本の爪に貼り付けてGlisten & Glow HK Girlトップコートで仕上げ。

人差し指と小指 : ベースはFace of Australia Don't Judge Me (黒)。同じプレートの別の幾何学模様をMessy Mansion Soft Goldでスタンプし、上記のPicture Polish3本を使って色付けしてdecal作成。この2本の爪に貼り付ける。

Polishes used


Picture Polish Lakodom
Picture Polish sky
Picture Polish camo
Picture Polish bonkers


Face of Australia Don't Judge Me!
Messy Mansion Carbon
Messy Mansion Soft Gold
I had a hard time coming up with a name for this mani. When I googled 'urban color palette',
the colours shown match the colours I used here, hence the name 'Urban Geometrics' mani

どれも素敵なプレートでしたが、特にGeometry 01プレートがカッコよかったのでこれをまず使ってみました。色合いは少し迷ってまたPicture Polishの中からまだ使ったことのなかった3本(bonkers、camo、sky)をチョイス。なかなかまとまりある感じに仕上がって自分でもびっくり。
I was planning to go for negative space look, but decided to use Lakodom as base instead

最初はnegative space(素爪を一部見せるネイル)にしようと思ったのですが、デザイン的に爪の線がだいぶ見えてしまうのでLakodomをベースに薄く塗って「なんちゃってnegative space」風にしました。V字テープの部分がもっとすっきりとした直線になれば言うことなかったですが、それ以外は満足な仕上がりになりました。

Cici & Sisi Acrylic Plate Review

After I did my first review on their acrylic plate, Cici & Sisi released a bunch more plates for us to drool over. I received some of them in the mail for review, and would like to show the swatches and share my thoughts.

Before I go into review, here are the links to Cici & Sisi store and SNS:

Cici & Sisiの最初のアクリルプレートを以前にレビューしましたが、それ以降も続々とアクリルプレートがリリースされています。レビュー用に数枚届いたので、その感想と共にswatchをお見せしたいと思います。

レビューに入る前に、Cici & SisiのショップとSNSへのリンクはこちら。

So these are the plate I received. You can find all the acrylic plates under this page. Each plate measures 9.5cm x 9.5cm, and is priced at $5.99. 

こちらが届いたプレートたち。アクリルプレートの製品ページはこちら。各プレートのサイズは9.5cm x 9.5cmで、価格は$5.99です。

This is the back of the plates. How pretty are these!? Makes me want to collect all the themes.


Below I'll show you each plate pic followed by paper swatch. For some of the images, I included a measurement as well so you can get an idea of the size of the stamp. Swatch is done with a regular nail polish (Sinful Colors Savage) and Messy Mansion pink stamper. 

以下、各プレートの写真と紙swatchを続けてお見せします。柄の大きさは一定ではないので、参考までに一部の柄のサイズも記載しています。swatchは通常ポリッシュ(Sinful Colors Savage)とMessy Mansionピンクスタンパーで行っています。

First up is Greek Myth 02 plate. So super gorgeous and unique. I have a soft spot for cultural plates, and this one is just perfect. All the images stamp beautifully.

最初のプレートはGreek Myth 02プレート。ゴージャスかつユニークでたまらんですね~。こういう文化テーマのプレートには本当に弱いです。どの柄も綺麗にスタンプしました。

Next up is Geometry 01 plate. OK folks, I freaking LOVE this plate! I have a lot of geometric plates, but this one is so intricate and unique. Most of the images are 1.6cm x 2.0cm, so it's a great size. 

お次はGeometry 01プレート。このプレート、一目見て思わず目がハートになってしまいました。幾何学模様プレートはたくさん持ってますが、なんと複雑かつ精緻な模様たちなんでしょう・・。ほとんどの柄は1.6cm x 2.0cmというちょうどいい大きさです。

I have one issue with this plate however. The pic above is after I applied polish and scraped. Can you see the vertical lines and Cici & Sisi logo appearing on the surface? Somehow back printing of the plate shows through the surface as a dent. Does this affect stamping? Yes it does a little bit. It's not very obvious in paper swatch, but being a fussy stamper I am, I did notice it. 

このプレート、残念な点が1つだけあります。上の画像はポリッシュを塗ってスクレイプした後の状態なのですが、無数の縦線とCici & Sisiのロゴが浮かび上がっているのが見えるでしょうか?どうもプレートの裏側のプリントが表面に窪みとして出てきてしまっているようです。別にスタンピングに影響がなければ問題ないのですが、これが多少影響あります。紙swatchではあまり見えないかもしれませんが、クオリティにうるさい人は少し気になるレベルです。

Moving onto next plate, this is Ocean 01 plate full of sea creatures and wavy patterns. There are 2 images that are quite big, that you might want to use across multiple nails. All other images are of nice size. Everything stamps nicely.

お次は海の生物や波模様が満載のOcean 01プレート。かなり大き目の柄が2つありますが、複数の爪にまたがるようにして使うと良いかと思います。その他はどれも使いやすい大きさです。どの柄も綺麗にスタンプしました。

Last but not least, Flower plate. This one is typically called 'layering plate' or 'layered plate' and has a different use than other plates. You stamp one image, then stamp (layer) another with different colour on top of the previous stamp using clear stamper. I'll show you some examples below. As for the quality, I mis-stamped a few images which I repeated on the very right. Everything looks great.


Above is the example of how you use this layering plate. This enables you to use multiple colours without resorting to advanced stamping (decals). Lining up multiple images needs a bit of a practice, but once you get used to it, it saves time and still gives fun effect.


So there you have it. Another fun plates from Cici & Sisi, and I'm excited to have these in my collection. (Updated to add: As for cleaning acrylic plates, make sure you use acetone-free remover so you don't risk melting the plates.) I'm slowing down with my nail activity due to my health problem, but I'll create some nail arts when I feel better.

というわけで、Cici & Sisiのアクリルプレート4枚のご紹介でした。(追記:アクリルプレートのクリーンアップについて書き忘れてしまいましたが、アセトン入りではなくアセトンフリーのリムーバーを使うようにしてください。プレートが溶けてしまうのを避けるためです。)どれも楽しいプレートばかりなので、気になるものがある方はショップを覗いてみてください。現在、体調に問題がありネイル頻度がだいぶ落ちていますが、具合のいいときにこれらのプレートを使ったネイルを作成してみたいと思います。

*Products sent for honest review

Heart 'n Lace Stamping & Nail Vinyl Mani

Awww what a bummer. I caught the flu. I wasn't in great condition as is, and now flu decided to join. I've been in bed for days but I got sick of it and decided to crawl out of bed yesterday to do my nails. Only my left hand though, I didn't have the energy to do my right. For this mani, I used a stamping plate and nail vinyls that Ejiubas sent me for review (see previous post for review).

Middle & ring finger: I started off with base coat. I placed a piece of striping tape horizontally on nail, and painted Picture Polish blush on the bottom part of the nail. Then I made stamping decal out of lace pattern on Ejiubas EJB-01 plate using Messy Mansion Dogwood Pink (review post here), and painted Picture Polish allure on it. I peed off the decal, cut into shape and placed it vertically on nail. Next I used the heart vinyls from Ejiubas ES-020. I placed the vinyl on Simply Neat Miracle Mat by Bliss Kiss, painted Picture Polish muse over it, and immediately peeled the vinyl off the mat. I applied Daiso topcoat to make a decal and waited for it to dry. I peeled it off and placed it onto the nail just above the stamp. Finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

Thumb, pointer & pinkie: Base is PP muse. I used the star vinyl from Ejiubas ES-020 this time. I placed the vinyl on the mat, painted PP blush over it, and immediately peeled the vinyl off the mat. Rest of the process is the same with above, except that I placed it vertically on nail.

I told you on the previous review post, but I'm loving this heart & star vinyls on Ejiubas ES-020. They are so unique and pretty. Middle & ring fingers turned out exactly what I envisioned. I couldn't decide what to do with other fingers until at the last moment, but decided to use star vinyls. I'm happy with the overall look.

ちょっと更新が空いてしまいました。最悪なことに風邪をひいてしまい、鼻水ズルズル&酷い咳でしばらく寝込んでいました。ただでさえ体が弱っているところにダブルパンチ(-_-) 咳するたびに横隔膜も痛いし、喉が焼けるよう。でもあまり寝てばかりも飽きるので、昨日ベッドから這い出て久々に爪を塗ってみました。気力がないので左手だけ(笑。前回のポストでご紹介したEjiubasのネイルスティッカーとスタンピングプレートを組み合わせたネイルです。出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product with HK Girl topcoat

中指と薬指: ベースコートでスタート。ラインテープを爪に水平に置き、爪の下半分にPicture Polish blushを塗る。Ejiubas EJB-01プレートのレース柄をMessy Mansion Dogwood Pink(レビューはこちら)でスタンプし、スタンパー上でPicture Polish allureを塗ってdecal化。decalを剥がして形を整え、爪に垂直に置く。次にEjiubas ES-020のハートスティッカーを使用。Bliss KissのSimply Neat Miracle Matにスティッカーを貼り付け、Picture Polish museを上から塗ってすぐマットからスティッカーを剥がす。ダイソートップコートを塗ってdecal化し、乾くのを待つ。乾いたら剥がしてスタンプ柄のすぐ上に水平に配置。仕上げはHK Girlトップコート。

親指、人差し指、小指: ベースはPP muse。今度はEjiubas ES-020の星スティッカーを使用。マットにスティッカーを貼り付け、上からPP blushを塗ってすぐスティッカーを剥がす。残りのプロセスは上と同じ、ただしdecalは垂直に配置。

Polishes used


Picture Polish blush
Picture Polish allure
Picture Polish muse
Messy Mansion Dogwood Pink
I normally don't come up with this colour combo, but I simply picked some untried Picture Polishes.
They work pretty good together I reckon

There are a lot of steps involved in this mani as you can see in the tutorial. Some people might say, 'Nobody has time for that!', but wait, a sick girl can do it so why can't you?

There are so many other fun designs on this Ejiubas nail vinyl set. Go have a look at their website
if you're interested

こういう色の組み合わせ、あまりやった覚えがないのですが、Picture Polishの中から単純に未使用ポリッシュを選んでみました。なかなか悪くない組み合わせかと。