Skull & Splatter Mani

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By this time of the month, almost every nail artist in the world has created at least one Halloween mani for the year right? Well, I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to create one this year. I'm just not good at creating seasonal manis which have to be done at certain time of the year. After I did the review on Pueen Halloween plate, however, I feel motivated to create one just in time.

Middle finger & ring finger: Base is Sinful Colors Cold Leather (middle) and JOSS Dazzling (ring). Because Sinful Colors Cold Leather is a matte polish and decal won't stick to a matte surface, I applied topcoat before proceeding. I made stamping decals out of 2 different skull images from Pueen Halloween Party 01 plate using Pueen Pure White, and coloured in with red (JOSS Dazzling), gray (A-England Wuthering Heights), and navy (Sinful Colors Cold Leather). Once decals are dry, I peeled them off stamper and placed each on these 2 nails. Finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

Thumb, pointer &  pinkie: Base is Rimmel Gray Matter. I stamped the splatter image on the same plate with navy (Ya Qin An Navy), red (Pueen Exotic Red) & white (Pueen White). 

I couldn't finish this mani in one sitting as I was super busy. Decals were pre-made (just before topcoated) on Day 1, base was painted on Day 2, and the rest of the process I finished on Day 3, duh! There are just too many things going on at the moment, that it's hard to concentrate on doing nails. Anyway, I'm glad I have one Halloween mani done this year. I've seen so many purple and orange manis this month already, so tried staying away from those colours. No a typical Halloween mani, but that's what I like about this mani.

Finished product. In the sun

中指と薬指: ベースはSinful Colors Cold Leather (中指) と JOSS Dazzling (薬指)。Sinful Colors Cold Leatherはマットポリッシュなのですが、decalはマットな表面には貼りつかないので事前にトップコートを塗っておく。Pueen Halloween Party 01プレートの2つのスカル柄をPueen Pure Whiteでスタンプし、赤 (JOSS Dazzling)、グレー (A-England Wuthering Heights)、ネイビー (Sinful Colors Cold Leather) で色付けしてdecal作成。decalが乾いたらスタンパーから剥がし、この2本の爪に配置。仕上げはHK Girlトップコート。

親指、人差し指、小指: ベースはRimmel Gray Matter。同じプレートの水しぶき柄をネイビー (Ya Qin An Navy)、赤 (Pueen Exotic Red)、白 (Pueen White) でスタンプしてトップコートで仕上げ。

Polishes used


JOSS Dazzling
Sinful Colors Cold Leather
Rimmel Gray Matter
A-England Whuthering Heights
Pueen Exotic Red
Pueen Pure White
Ya Qin An Navy
What do you think of this gray-navy-red combo? I reckon they work quite well together

By the way, this midi ring is from Luna Pyxis. I bought 3 recently, and am keen to get more!

ともあれ、ハロウィン定番の紫やオレンジを捨ててネイビー・グレー・赤という新しい色合わせに挑戦できたのは何より。メインの2本(中指と薬指)以外の爪は同じ3色を使って簡単に水しぶき柄をポンポンとスタンプ。ハロウィンぽくないけどちょっと新鮮で自分では気に入っています。ちなみに中指のミディリングはLuna Pyxisで購入しました。もっといろんな種類欲しいな~。


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This is an amazing job! I do not find words to admire :)

Cassis P
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That's great to hear! Thanks Lisa^^