New Year's Resolution & Picture Polish Swatches

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Happy New Year, everyone! 2015 was such a busy year for me. I looked back on my first blog post in 2015, and had to laugh at the part which said 'Last year was such a busy year so I'm thinking of slowing down just a little bit this year'. Well, 2015 was definitely much busier year for me than 2014! The big difference is that I received a lot of review products this year that kept me busy. It wasn't an easy task when I have full-time job and other house duties, but I'm quite proud that I managed to have the review posts up in a timely manner. Also, my SNS accounts have grown a bit last year, with Instagram followers reaching 45K and YouTube account 14K.

This year, I'd like to keep the nail changing routine at my comfortable pace, and also practice more freehand. I've been practising freehand every now and then, but just don't feel up to posting them. Once I feel it's good enough to post, I will.



Onto my polish haul. I placed the second order at Picture Polish when they had a Christmas deal last month. I ordered 9, and decided to swatch them all. The order arrived in a week or so.

では今日の本題。先月Picture Polishがクリスマスセールをやっていたときに2回目のオーダーをしました。オーダーは1週間程度で到着。届いた9本がこちら。

Here are the 9 polishes I bought. I could just get away with swatching on nail sticks, but couldn't resist painting them on my nails. Took few days to have all the swatching done, but oh so worth it! All the swatch photos below were taken outside with Urban Nail Art topcoat applied, and the bottle shots were taken under studio light. Here we go!

素敵な眺めですね~(*´д`*)ネイルスティックに塗ったものをお見せしてもよかったのですが、結局全部爪に塗ってしまいました。数日掛かりで大変だったよw 以下お見せするswatchは屋外撮影、Urban Nail Artトップコート仕上げ。ボトルショットはスタジオライト下で撮影したもの。では行ってみましょう。

First up is honeymoon, a collaboration shade with Victoria aka Manicurator. Two coats. I expected this to be a holo, but it's actually a holo plus heaps of multicolour glass flecks as you can see on the bottle shot. Such a pretty shade.

まずはVictoria @Manicuratorさんとのコラボポリッシュ、honeymoon。2度塗り。ミント色のホロかと思ったら、ボトルショットを見て分かるようにホロの他にマルチカラーのglass fleckが入っています。美味しそう&使いやすそうな色ですね。

Next up is kryptonite, a collaboration shade with Cathy aka More Nail Polish. This one has been on my wishlist for such a long time, but I could finally get my hands on it! I fell in love at the first application. Holo flakes are so abundant, yet it keeps the dark green colour nicely without leaning toward silver. This is two coats.

お次はCathy @More Nail Polishさんのコラボポリッシュ、kryptonite。2度塗り。このポリッシュは前回在庫切れで買えなかったのですが、ようやく今回ゲット。一塗りして「はぁ~・・♡」とウットリ。ホロの粒子がふんだんに入っているのに、シルバー寄りにならず深い緑色を保っている素晴らしい1本。

Next is cherish, a collaboration shade with Anna aka Anna Gorelova. A perfect nude holo, but a little bit sheer and this required three coats. This will make a great base for nail arts. 

お次はAnna Gorelovaさんのコラボポリッシュ、cherish。肌なじみのいいヌードホロ。ややシアーで写真は3度塗り。ネイルアートのベースに使いたい色です。

This is rebelle, a collaboration shade with Mary Monkett. A peachy nude holo that matches my skin tone really well. Three coats. The colour is more accurate on my nails than the bottle shot. I really wish it would be more opaque and had more holos in it.

それから、Mary Monkettさんのコラボポリッシュ、rebelle。ピーチホロで私の肌の色とよくマッチしています。3度塗り。ボトルショットよりも爪のショットの方が正確な色味です。少しシアーなのとホロが少な目なのがちょっと残念。

Next up is Paris, a collaboration shade with Clementine aka QuicheGirl. Such a pretty soft pink holo. It has a nice amount of holo flakes, and I really love it. Two coats.

お次はClementine @QuicheGirlさんとのコラボポリッシュ、Paris。優しいピンクホロ。ホロ粒子の量もかなり多く入っていて可愛らしいポリッシュです。2度塗り。

This is autumn, a collaboration shade with Alena @The Polishing Life. A burned orange holo. Such a beautiful unique shade! I have only a handful of orange polish in my stash, let alone holo. It was a bit cloudy when I took the photos, but holo shines nicely on my nails. Two coats.

お次はAlena @The Polishing Lifeさんのコラボポリッシュ、autumn。濃いオレンジホロ。ユニークな色ですね。オレンジのポリッシュは数えるぐらいしか持っていないので、私の手持ちの中でも貴重な1本です。写真を撮った時はやや曇り気味だったのですが、ホロがチラチラと光って美麗。2度塗り。

This is allure, a collaboration shade with Nina aka Nina_D83. A magenta holo, and this is two coats. Another stunner and I absolutely adore this. I have so many magenta shades, but this is my first magenta holo. A shade like this is hard to photograph, but I would say my nail shot shows the colour more accurately than the bottle shot. 

こちらはNina @Nina_D83さんのコラボポリッシュ、allure。マジェンタホロ。いや~これも大好き♡ マジェンタ色は大好きでたくさん持っているのですが、ホロは初めてです。1日中眺めていたい素敵な色ですね。2度塗り。この手の紫系は正確な色味を撮るのが難しいのですが、どちらかというと爪のショットに近いです。

This is winter, a beautiful charcoal gray holo that reminds me of granite. Two coats. There was autumn and here's winter. Now we need spring and summer :D Again, this is cloudy shot but it would look incredible in full sun. Look at the holo flakes in the bottle! 

そして最近発売されたばかりのwinter。御影石を思わせるチャコールグレーホロ。2度塗り。autumnとwinterと来たので、次はspringとsummerが欲しいですね(゚∀゚) こちらも曇りショットですが、ギラギラ太陽下で撮ったらさぞかしホロが綺麗なんでしょうね~。

Last one is storm, which has different sizes of white hex glitters in a clear base. Swatch above is one thick coat over winter. I hardly wear glitter polish, but I see this polish used for winter nail arts, and couldn't help grabbing it. 


All the shades I tried except for storm leave super glossy finish even without topcoat. The rather short brush makes application easy and it goes on nails so nice and smooth. I'm always super impressed with Picture Polish shades, and I know I'll be buying more in the future. Picture Polish hosts fun events every now and then, and there was a blog fest last month where participants create a nail art out of 3 shades randomly sent by Picture Polish. Did anyone participate it? I applied for the event and was offered a position, but I had to give up on the opportunity because I was overseas and couldn't receive the polishes. Such a pity, but I'm hoping to join the fun this year!

グリッター以外のポリッシュはすべてトップコートを塗らなくても艶があり、ちょっと短めのブラシのおかげでコントロールしやすくスムーズに塗ることができます。フォーミュラも素晴らしいPicture Polish、これからもどんどん集めていきたいブランドです。ちなみにPicture Polishは定期的に楽しいイベントを開催していますが、先月はブログフェスタをやっていましたね。参加者はPPからランダムに3本のポリッシュを送られて、その3本を使ってネイルアートを作成するというイベントなのですが、今年もめげずに応募してみました(去年はダメだった)。すると今回は選ばれて小躍りしていたのですが、ちょうど日本帰国時に当たってしまいアートを作成する時間が取れそうになかったので泣く泣く辞退・・・。今年こそは~!


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Pretty Noona
1 January 2016 at 15:11 delete

I just want to say that all the nail polishes are no nice, the colors are so bright but not too much in your face. This was a very nice review and I have to agree with you that it as sad that you had to give up the opportunity to participate in their "create a nail art out of 3 shades" I hope that you will be able to do so in 2016, I know that you would be great. =)

Cassis P
2 January 2016 at 07:02 delete

Thanks hun! Yes, exactly right. Picture Polish holos are not too much 'in your face' type, so they are great to use for nail arts. Some holos I have are just too bright and sparkly to use for arts, because the sparkles obscure the designs on top. Really loving them!

Matty H
3 January 2016 at 07:14 delete

Great swatches. I have a very long list of PPs that I want and still can't decide which want I need the most!

Cassis P
3 January 2016 at 11:50 delete

Thanks Matty! I hear you. My PP wishlist has started to build up already! :D

9 January 2016 at 20:46 delete

うは〜っ( ✧Д✧)!!どれもほんっとに素晴らしいですねっ♡私もHoneymoon見たとき美味しそう思いました(笑

Cassis P
10 January 2016 at 09:49 delete

えへへ、ありがとうございます♡♡ これでようやくPP16本!もっと欲しい~(゚∀゚) honeymoonは茶色と組み合わせてミントチョコなネイルやったら絶対美味しいと思う♪(笑 Winterは御影石っぽさを利用したネイルを考えているんですが、今のところ何も思いつかないですねw