Atlantean Goddess Mani Featuring Messy Mansion MM67

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December is the first month of summer in Australia, and guess what? It's already 40 degrees where I live. Sun doesn't go down till 8 in the evening, leaving us super hot even at night. Good thing is that we have plenty of sunshine that's necessary for taking nail photos (lol), but yeah I'm not really a fan of this stifling season!

Anyway onto the mani. I decided to use my Messy Mansion plate that was sent for review, this time MM67.

The base for all nails is JOSS Boldest Blue, super saturated electric blue. Then I stamped different patterns from Messy Mansion MM67 plate with Messy Mansion Soft Gold, applied black polish over the stamp, and let them dry for 30 mins. I peeled them off of stamper, cut to nail size and placed them on each nail. I also added swarovski crystal on middle finger.

I always have difficulty naming a mani, so I asked hubby for opinion and he named it 'Atlantean Goddess'. I wasn't sure why he chose the word 'Atlantean' so I googled and found lots of images with blue colour. Great, it's decided! Having such a beautiful cool colour on my nails on this hot day is such a treat :)


さて今日のネイル。今回はMessy Mansion MM67プレートを使ってみました(Messy Mansionのプレートレビューはこちら)。出来上がりはこちら。

Finished product, with Glisten & GLow HK Girl topcoat

ベースは全爪JOSS Boldest Blue。目の覚めるようなエレクトリックブルーです。MM67プレートのさまざまな柄をMessy Mansion Soft Goldでスタンプし、黒のポリッシュを上から塗って30分ほど乾かす。乾いたらスタンパーから剥がして爪の大きさに切って各爪に乗せる。中指にはスワロを追加。


Polishes used


JOSS Boldest Blue
Face of Australia Don't Judge Me!
Messy Mansion Soft Gold

This is the MM67 plate. It has the beautiful goddess image in the middle,
and has mythical feel to it


I got some bubbles on some of my nails because of the heat. That's why the goddess stamp
looks a bit textured. Grrrr... 

いつもネイルに名前を付けるのに苦労するのですが、旦那殿に意見を求めたら「Atlantean Goddess(アトランティスの女神)はどう?」という提案が。なぜアトランティス?と思ってこの用語をググったら海底都市など青い画像が大量に出てきました。なるほど、賢いね!いい名前をありがとう、旦那殿。あまりの暑さでベースに気泡ができてしまい、上に乗せた女神スタンプが少しボコっとしてしまったのが玉に瑕 ^_^;

When I applied black polish, I drew wavy line instead of straight.
Ring finger turned out the way I wanted :)