Purple Victorian Rose Mani Using Messy Mansion Valareign Plate

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Arrrrg... hot. It's too hot. It's too hot, every time I paint my nails, I get heaps of bubbles. We're still having 40+ degrees days where we live, and it's like being in a sauna even in the house. To avoid bubbles, I keep the nail polish in the fridge, paint my nails early in the morning when it's still cool, start work, and resume nail art at lunch break, quickly take photos, go back to work, and edit photo and post on IG after work. Being a nail artist isn't easy sometimes.

Anyway, rants over. I had a play with the new plate and stampers sent from Messy Mansion, and here's the finished look.

Middle & ring finger: I started off with Picture Polish cherish. I placed 4 sets of striping tapes vertically on those nails, painted Picture Polish eerie over them, and peeled off tapes immediately. Then I made stamping decals out of lush rose pattern on Valareign 03 plate with A-England Let Me In using Crystal stampers, and coloured in with gold and green. I placed the decals on these nails and finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

Thumb, pointer & pinkie: I cut masking tape into sharp triangle shape, and placed it on the top part of those nails. I painted Picture Polish eerie on nails and peeled off tapes. Then I made stamping decals out of strip pattern on the same plate using Messy Mansion Soft Gold, and coloured in with A-England Let Me In. I placed the decals like a belt on those nails.

I really wanted to try out this look after I saw Julia's creation on her Instagram. Red wine colour rose stamp with stripes is so striking and gorgeous. I don't have a red wine stamping polish, so I used A-England Let Me In instead. For stamping, I used both Crystal stampers from Messy Mansion, and both worked great. Really happy with this elegant look.

1つ前のポストでご紹介したMessy Mansionのプレートとスタンパーを使ったネイルを1つ作成してみました。出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product. Did you know that even decals get bubbles when it's too hot?
You should see some bubbles on my middle finger.

中指と薬指 : ベースはPicture Polish cherish。ラインテープを4本爪に垂直に置き、上からPicture Polish eerieを塗ってすぐにテープを剥がす。次にValareign 03プレートのゴージャスなチェーン付き薔薇をA-England Let Meとクリスタルスタンパーでスタンプし、金と緑で色付けしてdecal化。decalが乾いたら爪に配置し、HK Girlトップコートでフィニッシュ。

親指、人差し指、小指 : マスキングテープを三角形に切り取り、爪の上方に置いて上からPicture Polish eerieを塗り、テープを剥がす。次に、同じプレートの帯のような柄をMessy Mansion Soft Goldでスタンプし、A-England Let Me Inで色付けしてdecal化。この3本の爪に乗せる。

Polishes used


JOSS Forest Moon
Barry M Christmas Gold
Picture Polish cherish
Picture Polish eerie
A-England Let Me In
Messy Mansion Soft Gold
I called this Victorian Rose mani because of this lush rose image.
Seriously, flowers on Messy Mansion plates are always gorgeous

I was debating whether to go gothic or soft vintage look, and decided on this one

モノトーン色を使ってゴシック風にしてもカッコいいかな?とも思いましたが、一応これに落ち着きました。薔薇はお手本のワインレッド色が素敵だと思ったのですが手持ちのスタンピングポリッシュに近い色がありませんでした。なのでLet Me Inを使用。さすがのA-England、スタンピングに使っても発色いいですね~。