Enchanting Elves Mani Using Messy Mansion Plate

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I'm currently waiting for 4 nail mails coming from all over the world, and 3 of which contain few stamping plates each. Before any of them gets here, I thought I might create a mani using some untried.

For this mani I started off with my off-white franken 'Kinari' (mixture of white and beige) for all my nails. I applied Simply Peel around my nails, and applied 4-5 drops of yellow, blue & purple polishes on Simply Neat Miracle Mat. I squished those colours with stamper, applied that on my nails, and topcoated. Then I made stamping decals out of fairies and elf lady from Messy Mansion MM74 (review post here) using Ya Qin An Chocolate, and placed them on each nail. I finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

I've been keeping my eyes on this elf since I first got this plate. She looks so impressive and enchanting! I've seen so many plates with cute fairies, but this Messy Mansion plate is totally different. I was afraid this lady might be too big for my nail, but glad she fit in!

現在4つほどnail mail待ちなのですが、そのうち3つが複数のプレート入りのnail mailです。新しいプレートを迎える前にまだ使っていないプレートを使おう、ということで作成したのがこちら。
Finished product, with HK Girl topcoat. I was debating whether to mattify or not, but left it at that

ベースはオフホワイト フランケンの「生成」(白とベージュを混ぜたもの)。爪の周りにSimply Peelを塗り、 Simply Neat Miracle Matに4-5滴ほど黄色、青、紫のポリッシュを垂らしてスタンパーでクルクルと混ぜ、それを爪に乗せる。トップコートで表面をならしたら、Messy Mansion MM74(レビューはこちら)の妖精やエルフをYa Qin An Chocolateでスタンプしてdecalを作成し、色付けして爪に乗せる。仕上げはHK Girlトップコート。

Polishes used


Elcorazon No. 423/278 Cream
Elcorazon No. 423/292 Cream
Sinful Colors Hazard
Sinful Colors Mint Apples
Off-white franken 'Kinari'
Barry M Lychee
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Ya Qin An Chocolate
I was going for night fairies but that seemed a bit too ordinary.
I decided to make marble effect with lighter colours for a change

この中指のエルフ風の女性、本当に圧巻ですね~。厚めの唇といい長い睫毛といい、妖艶さがたまらん(*´д`*)髪は浮世離れな緑にしてみました。妖精のプレートって可愛い系がほとんどですが、そこに妖艶系を持ってくるMessy Mansionはやっぱりさすが。
I picked up this Barry M the other day from Big W. I'm so glad Barry M finally landed in Australia!
Nice formula and I'm in love <3



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1 March 2016 at 19:56 delete

Nice enchanting elves manicure, I like that you decided not to do the expected route with this manicure... I like the colors that you have used. =) Looking forward to watching the video soon.

Cassis P
2 March 2016 at 08:08 delete

Thanks hunni, glad you said that! I'm happy with these colours and effect also^^