Pizza Mani Using Messy Mansion MM61

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November 8th Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

With so many gorgeous Messy Mansion plates (review post here), I didn't know where to start. A lot of design ideas came to my mind but the first plate I grabbed was Messy Mansion MM61 - pizza plate.

I started off with white for all my nails, then placed a piece of masking tape in the middle of each nail and painted red and green over it, to make an Italian flag tricolour. Then for thumb and middle finger, I made a stamping decal out of pizza stamp using Ya Qin An Chocolate, and cut a piece out of it and placed it on these nails. For other fingers I used Messy Mansion black stamping polish 'Carbon' and made a decal out of pizza toppings (ring finger) and fireplace (pinkie). Pointer is simply a direct stamping.

This mani took a lot of time to create but I'm proud of how it turned out. We actually ordered pizza on the night before I created this mani, and I'm pretty sure it helped inspire me with this mani!


Messy Mansionのプレート(レビューはこちら)たちを前に、さぁどれから手を付けようかな?としばし悩みましたが、最初に作成したのがこちら。

Finished product, with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat. In the sun

ベースは全爪白。マスキングテープを切り取って爪の真ん中に置き、爪の上部分を赤、下部分を緑で塗ってイタリアの三色国旗を表現し、すぐにテープを剥がす。親指と中指はMessy Mansion MM61からピザ柄をYa Qin An Chocolateでスタンプおよび色付けしてdecal化し、1ピースだけ切り取って爪に乗せる。他の指はMessy Mansion Carbonでピザのトッピング(薬指)と暖炉(小指)をスタンプし、decal化したものを乗せ、人差し指は直接スタンプ。


Polishes used


JOSS Will Not
JOSS Dazzling
MoYou London Meadow Green
BC Co. shade #26
BC Co. shade #24


Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini
KIKO Melon
Messy Mansion Carbon
Ya Qin An Chocolate

I wish I had a darker green to use for tricolour, but this was the closest colour I had


Salami, mushroom, green peppers...Ummmm makes me hungry! <3



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13 October 2015 at 03:32 delete

I like how creative you are... when I saw this template I was like "Eh?" what would I do with this template? what kinda manicure could I come up with?... I'm glad that you know how and what to do with this template. The manicure sure looks pretty and very yummy too, pizza anyone? ='P

Cassis P
13 October 2015 at 09:12 delete

Haha, thanks love! When I first saw this plate, I thought 'omg, what a unique plate!' and soon had an image of Italian tricolour in my mind :D Glad it turned out the way I envisioned, and glad you like it! :)