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I have a lot of stuff coming in to do the review for the next couple of weeks. Are you ready? Today I'll be showing you a new-to-me brand Ejiubas stamping plates. Ejiubas is a fairy new online shop who sells beauty products, and I was sent 4 stamping plates, which are all double-sided, to do the review. 

Here are the links to product page:

  1. Amazon US: Ejiubas EJB-01 & EJB-02, Ejiubas EJB-03 & EJB-04 (Discount code: 2LP994YV; valid for limited time)
  2. Amazon Japan: Ejiubas EJB-01 & EJB-02Ejiubas EJB-03 & EJB-04 (20% off discount code: JGB20CAS)
  3. Wish: Ejiubas EJB-01 & EJB-02, Ejiubas EJB-03 & EJB-04 (Worldwide shipping; Need Wish account, no discount code)
  4. Ejiubas Website: www.ejiubas.com (Worldwide shipping; No discount code)


製品ページへのリンクはこちら :
  1. Amazon US : Ejiubas EJB-01 & EJB-02Ejiubas EJB-03 & EJB-04 (期間限定割引コード : 2LP994YV)
  2. Amazon Japan: Ejiubas EJB-01 & EJB-02Ejiubas EJB-03 & EJB-04 (20%オフ割引コード : JGB20CAS)
  3. Wish : Ejiubas EJB-01 & EJB-02Ejiubas EJB-03 & EJB-04 (全世界発送。Wishアカウントが必要。割引コードなし)
  4. Ejiubas Webサイト : www.ejiubas.com (全世界発送。割引コードなし)

Here are the 4 plates I was sent. They are double-sided, so that makes about 8 plates worth.


Each plate has a clear protective film on both sides that you need to peel off before use. The edge of the plate isn't sharp, so you don't need to worry about cutting your fingers.


Plate size comparison. Ejiubas plate is 14cm x 8cm, a bit smaller than Fab Ur Nails plate and bigger than MoYou London plate.

Now, I'll show you the actual plate (scanned with printer), followed by a paper swatch. Paper swatch is done with Mundo de Uñas Blue and Ya Qin An Navy stamping polishes.

プレートのサイズ比較。Ejiubasプレートは14cm x 8cmで、Fab Ur NailsとMoYou Londonプレートの中間サイズです。

それでは実際のプレート(プリンターでスキャンしたもの)と紙swatchを一気にお見せします。紙swatchに使用したスタンピングポリッシュはMundo de UñasとYa Qin An Navy。

EJB-01 plate, side A. I told you these plates are double-sided, and I call the side with actual plate name 'side A' throughout this review. Full size image is 2.0cm x 1.6cm. 

EJB-01プレート、A面。これらのプレートは両面彫りと言いましたが、プレート名が彫られた側を便宜上「A面」と呼ぶことにします。フルサイズの柄のサイズは2.0cm x 1.6cm。

And here's the swatch. They are very nicely etched, and every single image stamped well.


EJB-01, side B. Side B of each plate is buffet-type like this. Full of butterflies and flowers, large and small.


Again, superb etching. Love the variety of butterflies on this plate. Those big butterflies won't fit on nails, but you can use their beautiful patterns on the wing.


EJB-02, side A. Flowers and lace. Again, full size image is 2.0cm x 1.6cm.

EJB-02、A面。花とレースの可愛いプレート。こちらもフルサイズ柄は2.0cm x 1.6cmです。

Very versatile images that stamp beautifully. That lacy flower on the bottom row is so gorgeous! 


EJB-02, side B. Swirls and flowers. Am I the only one who just loves swirls?


I love those flowers on the left that I can colour in.


EJB-03, side A. It's a Christmas themed plate but also has some versatile images.


No etching problem whatsoever. That smiling Santa is so cute.


EJB-03, side B. Such a fun plate! There are A LOT of pretty and small enough images that you can use. 

EJB-03、B面。楽しげなプレートですね(゚∀゚) 小さ目の柄が所狭しと敷き詰められていて、無駄なく使えそうなプレート。

Snowman on bottom left is about 1.9cm tall, so you can see that those individual images are perfect size for both long and short nails.


Final plate, EJB-04, side A. Halloween plate with some rock stamps thrown in. 


October is a Halloween month, so it's a perfect time to grab this plate.


EJB-04, side B. Another fun plate! I love the little images on the tree. It has everything you need for a Halloween.

EJB-04、B面。このプレートもいいですね~(゚∀゚) ツリーに乗っかった色んな柄が可愛いです。ハロウィンに必要な柄が全部揃っているんじゃないでしょうか。

You see you can get a lot of images out of this plate as well. I just love how unique it is, and it stamps beautifully as well.


So my overall experience with these Ejiubas plates is very positive. To tell you the truth, I was asked to do the stamping test for the prototype of these plates, and there were only 2-3 images that didn't stamp well. I let them know which images didn't stamp well, so they fixed them and now every single image stamps beautifully. They are sold as a bundle of 2 plates, which is worth 4 plates because they are double-sided, for $25.99. As of this writing, they are having a $10 off sale, so grab your plates while you can! 


*Products sent for honest review

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the templates look really nice ... I have never heard of this company, I like them. =)

Cassis P
6 October 2015 at 10:52 delete

I've never heard of this brand either. Apparently these are the first stamping plates they released, and I think they did a great job! :)

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how do i buy plate 4

Cassis P
29 November 2015 at 11:42 delete

The links to the product page are shown at the beginning of this post :)

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Interesting read thanks for sharing

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