Partial Plaid Stamping Mani

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Dec 31 Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

I have so many untried plates and polishes that I will try to focus on using them instead of buying more for a while.

For this mani, I started off with base coat, then painted A-England Her Rose Adagio about half the nail toward the tip for middle finger and ring finger. Once that's dry, I placed two sets of straight tape bought from What's Up Nail Art Store, painted black in between those tapes, and peeled them off immediately. Then I made stamping decal using a plaid pattern from MoYou London Hipster 05 and Mundo de Uñas Cafe, and placed it onto where I painted A-England. I added square embellishment on the black part and finished off with Essence Better than Gel Nails topcoat.

For other nails, I applied two coats of Her Rose Adagio then topped with triangle studs and rhinestones.

I got to try three untried for this mani. First, the Hipster plate. I bought this in August (haul post here) but because I'm not good at stamping straight lines, I've been putting off using it. Second, the polish. I bought this A-England Her Rose Adagio from Llarowe last month and finally got to use it. Third, the topcoat. My amazing friend Chiro of Nail of This Week sent me bunch of KIKO and P2 polishes (as you can see here) and she kindly included this Essence topcoat.

I absolutely love this soft girly look. Her Rose Adagio has gorgeous scattered holo and looks amazing in the sun. I didn't want to ruin the base by stamping directly and risking getting those lines crooked, so I'm glad I decalised the stamp. I also like the shine the Essence topcoat gives. I know I will be using it more often!




Finished product in the sun, with Essence Better than Gel Nails topcoat

まず中指と薬指の爪先約半分をA-England Her Rose Adagioで塗る。乾いたらWhat's Up Nail Art Storeで買った直線テープを2つ置いてその間を黒で塗り、すぐ剥がす。MoYou London Hipster 05の格子縞柄をMundo de Uñas Cafeでスタンプし、decal作成。それを切ってA-Englandを塗った箇所に貼り付け。黒の帯のところに四角のメタルスタッズを置き、Essence Better than Gel Nailsトップコートで仕上げ。他の爪はHer Rose Adagioを2度塗りにし、三角のスタッズとラインストーンをリボンの形になるよう置く。


polish used


A-England Her Rose Adagio
Face of Australia Scream
Mundo de Uñas Cafe
Essence Better than Gel Nails Topcoat

This A-England Her Rose Adagio looks ordinary in the shade,
but it's such an amazing pink scattered holo in the sun

これとその前の写真はどちらも屋外撮り。Her Rose Adagioは日陰だと地味な色ですが、日に当たるとほんのりピンクに大量のホロのプリズムが見えて非常に美麗。

Indoor shot with my usual hand pose. Now that we get lots of sunny days,
I will try to take pics in the sun as much as possible rather than in the lightbox


今回のネイルはプレート(Hipster 05)、ポリッシュ(A-England Her Rose Adagio)、それからトップコート(Essence Better than Gel Nails)がいずれも初使用でした。Hipster 05は8月に購入したのですが、私のカーブした爪にこの直線をうまくスタンプできる気がしなくてしばらく先延ばしにしていました。特に私の人差し指・・・。内側に異常に巻いていて、いつも柄が歪むんですよね(-_-)。今回は横着(?)してdecal化しましたが、デザイン自体は気に入っています。

トップコートのEssence Better than Gel NailsはNail of This WeekのChiroさんがKIKOやP2のポリッシュを送ってくださったときに入れてくださったもの。さらっとした塗り心地でdecalの段差が目立つこともなく非常に優秀なトップコートだと思います(゚∀゚) 早くOZでも売り出して欲しい~!


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