Turquoise x Black Stamping Mani

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Feb 2nd Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

I have seen so many awesome Halloween manis on IG already but unfortunately no awesome ideas have come down to me so far. I'm so desperate to use my Halloween plates before October is over, but I decided to do something different.

For this mani, I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen White On. I painted my PVA glue (see here) around my cuticles then placed Mundo de Uñas Black & Turquoise randomly on Chez Delaney Floral 003 plate, scraped and stamped. I added some dots with a dotting tool using these two colours and finished off with Seche Vite. As usual, I have a short IG video at the end of this post. Pointer and pinkie are painted with Dance Legend 'Holy Diver' from Wow Prism Spring collection.

I'm so surprised that this mani is super easy yet gives such an refreshing look. I see quite a few stampers using this stamping technique (where you place multiple colours on plate and the colours get overlapped by scraping), but this is my first time using this trick. I know both Swanette (Nailstamp4fun) and Karolyn (Nails of Aquarius) have YouTube videos (here and here) showing this technique better, so I would suggest watching them.

I thought by having multiple colours on plate and scraping, the colours will all mix and make yucky colours, but was so surprised that the blending was only minimum. I wonder if it's because of Mundos??



Finished product, with Seche Vite

ベースはSally Hansen White Onを2度塗り。キューティクル周りをスタンプ前にPVAグルーでガード。Chez Delaney Floral 003プレートにMundo de Uñas BlackとTurquoiseをランダムに置いていきスタンプ。ドット棒でこの2色のドットを追加して最後にSeche Viteでフィニッシュ。人差し指と小指はDance LegendのWow Prism Springコレクションの'Holy Diver'。


Polish used


Sally Hansen White On
Dance Legend Holy Diver
Mundo de Uñas Black
Mundo de Uñas Turquoise

Don't you just love this polish? The colour doesn't perfectly match my stamp, but who cares! :P

Holy Diverを使ったのは2回目です。キラキラ具合はこちらの動画で見られます。太陽の下で眺めてにまにましたい美麗ポリッシュ。

Super quick and easy but I like how it turned out!


もっとちゃんとした動画が見たい方はSwanette (Nailstamp4fun)とKarolyn (Nails of Aquarius)のYouTube動画(こちらこちら)をご覧いただければと思います。私のIG動画でよろしければこちらをどうぞ。

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