31DC2014 - Stripes: Flower Stamping Mani with White Stripes

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Although I'm not doing every theme for 31DC2014, I am quite happy with the pace I create manis for this challenge, which is one every 2-3 themes. My nail changing routine used to be once every 3 days, but I now change my manis more often, plus I do video tutorials sometimes. I feel like a proper nail blogger now! lol

Today's theme for 31DC2014 is Stripes. I wanted to do something I haven't done before and decided to use stripes over coloured stamps.

I started off with Sally Hansen White On and stamped a henna pattern from MoYou London Explorer 22 using Mundo de Uñas Black. I then leadlighted on the stamps using my homemade jellies I showed you in this post. Once it's done, I placed masking tape vertically on nails and painted white on it. I embedded a insta tutorial at the end of this post.

After I filmed the process, I decided I didn't like the way the stripe goes (it was too thick), so I redid the middle finger. Thus slightly different design than what the tutorial shows, but the same technique.

I reckon the idea wasn't that bad. I was going to do the strips on pointer and pinkie as well, but I left them simple. 

31DC2014チャレンジ、着々淡々とこなして参ります。今日はDay 12、お題はStripes。出来上がりはこちら。

Finished product, mattified with OPI Matte Top Coat

ベースはSally Hansen White On。MoYou London Explorer 22からHenna柄をMundo de Uñas Blackでスタンプ。その後お手製ジェリーでLeadlight。一度トップコートでならしてからマスキングテープを縦方向に置いて白を塗る。OPIのマットトップコートで仕上げ。インスタグラムのチュートリアルをまた付けたので興味があれば。

This is before mattifying. The edge of the nails looks blurred because of the shine,
so I ended up mattifying

ちなみにマット化する前がこちら。こういう柄が派手なやつって光が反射して爪の際の柄が見えにくくなるんですよね・・。撮影技術の問題だと思いますが(T_T) なのでマットにしてみました。

The pointer and pinkie is painted with Sally Hansen Silk Onyx

人差し指と小指はサテンフィニッシュなSally Hansen Silk Onyx。

Feels like I committed a crime covering the pretty pattern, but I think it's a unique design :)



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12 September 2014 at 09:26 delete

I love the idea of doing stripes over stamping!

Cassis P
12 September 2014 at 09:42 delete

Thanks Alexandria! It gives a unique look, doesn't it? :D I'm looking for more designs like this where you partially cover coloured background :)