31DC2014 - Gradient: Green/Blue Gradient with Rose Stamping

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MoYou London has announced the winners for the Rainbow Contest they hosted on Instagram, and I was chosen as a winner for the last Rainbow theme. Congratulations to other 7 winners who did so brilliantly! All the entries for the last theme were so colourful and gorgeous, so I was surprised and excited to know they picked my entry. As a prize, I could get to choose one plate I like and they will send me something extra. Will share when the prize gets here!

Onto today's mani. This is for 31DC2014 Gradient. I was at a loss what colours I want to use for gradient, but I decided on green to blue. I started off with white base and did sponge gradient using Ulta Corsican Rose, Ciate Chinchilla, and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Then I stamped a chandelier chain pattern from Pueen Encore SE02B with Mundo White and rose with Mundo Black. 

This time I finished off with Revlon Fast Dry topcoat instead of Seche Vite. I was super surprised that Revlon didn't smear the stamps!! I remember it smeared like hell with Konad Black, but I'm glad to know it works well so with Mundos.

This rose pattern is super gorgeous and I love it. The gradient is more prominent in real life than in photo. I used to be terrible at gradient but I feel I'm getting better at it!

MoYou Londonのインスタグラム上でのRainbow Contestの結果が出ました。赤からピンクまでの各7色と最後の7色全部というお題、合計8つのお題に1人ずつ勝者が定められ、私は7色全部のお題で入賞しました。ちなみに私のエントリー作品はこちら。最後のお題は、皆さん色の縛りから解き放たれて伸び伸びと鮮やかなエントリーが多く、「この中からどれか選ぶなんて不可能じゃないか?」と思ったほど傑作が多かったです。その中で私の作品がMoYouの目に留まったことは純粋に嬉しいです。



Finished product with Revlon topcoat

白ベースの上にスポンジを使用してUlta3 Corsican Rose、Ciate Chinchilla、Sally Hansen Pacific Blueでグラデーション。一度トップコートでならしてからPueen Encore SE02Bのシャンデリアチェーンみたいな柄をMundoの白で、薔薇をMundoの黒でスタンプ。最後にRevlon Fast Dryトップコートで仕上げ。

今回きまぐれでRevlonを使ってみたのですが、なんとスタンプがにじむことがありませんでした。Konad黒を使っていたときはあり得ないほどにじみまくったのでSeche Viteに切り替えたのですが、MundoとRevlonの組み合わせは大丈夫みたいです。個人的に世紀の大発見!(゚∀゚) 縮まないRevlonはやっぱりいいです。今度はSecheの出番が少なくなりそう・・・。使用ポリッシュはこちら。

Polish used


Ciate Chincilla
Ulta3 Corsican Rose
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (original)
Mundo de Uñas White
Mundo de Uñas Black

The chain pattern looks too blended in the background in photo,
but looks bolder in real life


Aren't these roses just gorgeous? I will be using them again for sure!

Pueen Encoreは素敵な柄が多いのですが、特にこの薔薇ー!このちょっとリアルな質感の薔薇が素敵すぎ。今回黒スタンプにしましたが、違う色でまた是非使ってみたい(゚∀゚)


にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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10 September 2014 at 18:52 delete

Wow that rose stamp is very cool! I reckon it would look great used in something pastel themed too.

Cassis P
10 September 2014 at 20:44 delete

Thanks hun! I saw this rose stamp in pastel colours and it looked pretty indeed!

11 September 2014 at 14:45 delete

Hooray for being selected as a winner - you deserved it and then some!! Congratulations!! I had a blast following many of the entrants, and yours were top notch.
These nails are quite pretty - lovely gradient and double stamping!

Cassis P
11 September 2014 at 16:59 delete

Aww thanks for your kind comment, Kim! You're such a sweetheart <3 <3 I didn't really expect that I would win, especially with the rainbow one :D There were so many awesome rainbow manis and I was so overwhelmed.... it was like, OMG, they chose my rainbow? lol

I kept avoiding doing gradient, because it wasn't really my thing. But I guess you can never get better unless you practice, and I'm glad I did! :D