Playing with MoYou London Artist 03 and Mundo de Uñas

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I mentioned few times in my blog that MoYou London hosts Twitter trivia on Thursday, and I won some plates in the past. I got lucky again and won another plate. This time I could get to choose one from Artist collection.

I had one Artist plate that's been sitting in my wishlist for a while, and that was Artist 03. The plate arrived in less than 2 weeks.

For today's mani, I used one of the designs from that plate, paired with some Mundo de Uñas polishes I have never used before. I later found out on a facebook stamping group that Sylvia (the owner of Mundo de Uñas) ceased international shipping due to some nastiness that hit her. How sad is that :( I hope everything works out well for her and she resumes international shipping again!

At the last of the post, I included a short Instagram video to show you how I use sandwich bag to check the colour combo. This is inspired by Beaching Nails.

かなり前に「MoYou Londonが木曜にTwitterでクイズやってるよ」とブログで書いたと思いますが、先日すごく久々にWinnerに選ばれました。Artistの回だったのでArtistから1枚プレートをもらえることに。プレートをお見せする前にまず出来上がりがこちら。

Finished product with Seche Vite


The plate I won - Artist 03


Polish used


Mundo de Uñas Peach
Mundo de Uñas Spring Green
Mundo de Uñas Lilac
Mundo de Uñas Geranium
Face of Australia Jafar

Tried double stamping on pointer and middle


This is before double stamping


Love those Mundos, Spring Green is just so adorable <3

使ったことのなかったMundo4色、どれもいい色でした(゚∀゚) 特にSpring Green、なかなか可愛い色だな~。

I revisited this FoA Jafar. This polish is perfect when I don't want to wear straight black

そんなわけで簡単スタンプネイルでした。最後にMundo de Uñasについて一言。8/2現在、Mundoは海外発送を停止しています。理由は詳しくは書きませんが、オーナーさんの気まぐれなんかではありません。このまま海外発送なしになるか再開するかは今のところわかりませんが、Mundoファンとして再開を切に望んで止みません。

最後に、インスタにアップした動画をいっちょ。爪に塗る前に色の組み合わせをチェックしたい場合はこうするといいよ~というデモです。インスパイヤ元はBeaching NailsさんのYouTubeから。

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