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For a month until we moved into this new house, I refrained from buying online as I didn't want my orders to end up in a wrong address. After we moved in, one of the first things I did was to place LOTS AND LOTS of orders. Few of my orders already turned up, and one of them is from Messy Mansion.

I bought stamper heads and Accessory Kit 2.0 this time. I'm so late to the party, but I keep missing restock after restock of these colourful stampers, but finally managed to place an order when their Soft and Medium Soft stamper heads in a tin come back in stock. 

This is how the order went:
  • Paid: May 3rd
  • Shipped: May 8th
  • Arrived: May 11th
Accessory Kit was a preorder item, and it was scheduled to be in stock around the end of May. I was ready to wait until them so I was surprised that it shipped that quick. Also, as Messy Mansion is an Aussie-based, it only took 3 days for delivery. Woohoo! 

引っ越しが決まってから実際引っ越すまでの1ヶ月間、オンラインでの購入は控えていましたが、引っ越してネットが開通した瞬間にタガが外れたように大量の買い物をしました。そのうちいくつかが既に届き始めていますが、今日はMessy Mansionで買ったものの紹介です。

今回買ったのはスタンパーヘッドとアクセサリーキット2.0。遅きに失した感がありますが、Messy Mansionのスタンパーヘッドは発売当初から目を付けていたのに再入荷をことごとく見逃して今さらの購入となってしまいました。欲しかったケース付き「Soft」と「Medium Soft」のセットをようやくオーダー。

  • 支払い: 5/3
  • 発送: 5/8
  • 到着: 5/11

Before I go into review, here are the links to my recent stamper review posts:
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Also, I get lots of questions about my white rectangle stamper I use in many of my videos. It's also from Messy Mansion (haul post here), and I was informed by Julia of Messy Mansion that she still sells the white rectangle stamper (as of May 2015) but it's slightly firmer than the one I bought more than a year ago. Now, on to the review, shall we?


  • Creative Shop スタンパーレビューはこちら (2015/1/4)
  • Creative Shop スタンパー第2弾レビューはこちら (2015/1/14)
  • MoYou 長方形スタンパーレビューはこちら (2015/2/1)
  • AliExpress 'Marshmallow Candy Refill'レビューはこちら (2015/2/20)
  • Fab Ur Nails スタンパーレビューはこちら (2015/3/28)

それから、動画でよく使っている白の長方形スタンパーについてよく質問を受けるのですが、これもMessy Mansionで買ったものです(記事はこちら)。もう1年以上前に買ったもので、先日Messy MansionのJuliaさんに聞いたところ、これとまったく同じ柔らかさのものはもう売っておらず、今売っている長方形スタンパーは私のものより若干硬めだそうです(2015年5月情報)。ご参考まで。それではレビュー記事をどうぞ。

These are what I got. They came in a small box and with a bubble wrap. 


I'll show you the Accessory Kit 2.0 first. You can buy it from here. It contains 3 scrapers with MM logo (I received 4, but it's supposed to be 3), and 2 metal templates.


These 3 scrapers have different thickness. This one is thinnest and very flexible, just like Creative Shop scraper (review post here) and Fab Ur Nails scraper (review post here). Logo is printed inside, so it won't degrade with acetone use.

3枚のスクレイパーは厚さが異なります。これは一番薄いやつで非常に柔軟。Creative Shopのスクレイパー(レビューはこちら)とFab Ur Nailsのスクレイパー(レビューはこちら)と似たタイプです。ロゴは内側にプリントされているので、アセトンを使っても消えたりしません。

This one is slightly thicker than the first one. It's still bendable, but not as much as the first one.


The last one is thick and hardly bendable. This is comparable to my good ole' scraper (library card) in both thickness and flexibility.


Size comparison with my old scraper (left). All the scrapers are 5.4cm x 8.55cm, exactly the same size with the old scraper. I told you before, but I'm not a big fan of very flexible scrapers, but this thickest one is perfect for me and I'll start using this one. Farewell my old scraper, you have served me so well.

私の旧スクレイパー(左)とのサイズ比較。スクレイパーは3枚とも5.4cm x 8.55cmで、旧スクレイパーと同じサイズです。前にも言いましたが、あまり柔らかいスクレイパーは好きではないのでこの一番分厚いやつを今後使って行こうと思います。私のスタンピング人生を支えてくれた図書館カードよ、今までありがとう。

Onto metal templates. This is one of the 2 templates. Size is 5.0cm x 8.0cm, and is very thin. I'll show you how to use this later, but here's the how-to video done by Julia.

お次はメタルテンプレート2枚のうちの1枚。サイズは5.0cm x 8.0cmで、非常に薄いです。使い方は後で紹介しますが、Juliaさんのハウツー動画をこちらで観ることができます。

Another metal template. Same size with the other one, but a bit thicker. It's cut out with 5 different nail sizes. 


So how do you use these templates? Here's one using the first template with different shapes. You apply stamping polish onto a plate and scrape as usual.


Then, place a template like so, using the chevron cut-out part for example, and pick up the image through the template with your stamper.


Here is the result. The stamper picked up the image through the chevron cut-out. 


Another one done with star cut-out.!! lol. My stamping style is all about cut and paste, and all crafty crafty, and these templates give me lots of possibilities!


As for the other template with nail shape cut-out, you can use it on collage/buffet style plates to have an idea of which part of the design you would like to use.


Julia also has another video showing fun use of this second template. You can watch it here. When you use a stamping plate with lots of images crammed closely together, after you pick up the image you want, you end up picking up lots of unwanted images around it. Say, if I want to use just the sea horse stamp above, no matter which direction I scrape, my stamper will end up picking up other images and I have to quickly remove them before I stamp.


If you place this template like the pic above, it will help the stamper pick up only the image you want. I actually used to use a piece of paper for the same purpose, but this template is recyclable, and comes in handy. 


Moving on to the stamper heads. I bought Soft stamper head set (left) and Medium Soft set (right). You can buy from here and here. One set comes with 2 stamper heads with light colour and the dark colour, but the 2 are the same squishiness. Messy Mansion sells 5 sets all up in different squishiness, and you can buy each set individually or buy them all as a Pro set. My nail friend uL shows her Pro set on this post.

最後にスタンパーヘッドのご紹介。買ったのはSoftセット(左)とMedium Softセット(右)。商品ページはこちらこちら。1つのセットには柔らかさが同じ明るい色と濃い色の2つのスタンパーヘッドが含まれています。硬さ別に全部で5セットあり、1セットずつバラで買うこともできればProセットとしてまとめて買うこともできます。「あブログ」のuLさんがこちらの記事でProセットについて紹介されています。

The stamper heads are contained in a hard plastic mould, and you need to lift the edge and slip your finger in to carefully take it out. Make sure you don't tear it.


Squishiness. Soft stamper head is the softest and squishiest stamper of all the colour heads Messy Mansion carries, and the Medium Soft one is the next squishiest. Soft (pink) is marshmallowy, probably some people may call this true marshmallow, but it's still slightly firmer than my MoYou London rectangle (review post here) which is very marshmallowy and very sticky. I would call this Messy Mansion Soft stamper a semi-marshmallow. Medium Soft is slightly firmer than Soft one. 

柔らかさ。SoftはMessy Mansionのカラースタンパーヘッドの中で一番柔らかいタイプで、Medium Softはその次に柔らかいタイプ。Soft(ピンク)はもしかすると「マシュマロ」と呼ぶ人もいるかもしれませんが、キング・オブ・マシュマロたるMoYou Londonの長方形スタンパー(レビューはこちら)と比べるとやや硬め。なのでカシス的分類では「半マシュマロ」に相当します。Medium Softの方はSoftより若干硬め。

When I played around with this pink head, it reminded me of Fab Ur Nails stamper (review post here). The squishiness and the stickiness are quite similar between these two. They are both semi-marshmallow in my definition, and quite sticky but not as overly sticky as MoYou London rectangle.

As for the size, I remember Julia said she made these coloured heads slightly bigger than standard round XL stampers, so they don't keep falling off the standard black holder. Compared to my old school firm round XL, yes, it is slightly bigger.

このピンクのヘッドの質感ですが、Fab Ur Nailsスタンパー(レビューはこちら)と非常によく似ています。柔らかさはどちらも「半マシュマロ」、ベタつきはかなりありますがMoYou Londonの長方形スタンパーほどはベタつきません。


The height is about 1.6~1.7cm in case anyone is wondering.


Now the most important part. Do they pick up image well? Let's see. I popped this heads in my Fab Ur Nails stamper holders and stamped without priming. If you don't know what 'priming' means, please head over to this blog post. Plate used is Dashica Infinity 70 and stamping polish is Mundo de Uñas Purple.

I was like 'Yaaaaay!' when I saw these! I can see minor bold spots, but remember this is about 20 times bigger than the actual size, and I needed to look hard to see them in real life.

さて一番重要な点。柄をピックアップするか?ヘッドをFab Ur Nailsのスタンパーホルダーにはめ込み、Primeせずにスタンプ。「Primeって何?」って方はこちらの記事をどうぞ。プレートはDashica Infinity 70、ポリッシュはMundo de Uñas Purple。

思わず「いえええええ~い!!」と挙がる歓声\(^o^)/ 柄の欠けが多少見えますが、上の画像は実際のサイズの20倍ぐらいあるので実際のサイズでは目を凝らさないと見えません。

I tested the darker heads as well. This time I switched to Mundo de Uñas Cream. Does it look like they need priming? I don't think so. The stamper heads are so shiny, but they work perfectly as is!

濃い色のヘッドも同じくテスト。こっちはMundo de Uñas Creamを使用。Primeが必要そうに見えますか?いや、必要なさそうですね。ヘッドはテッカテカなのによくもまぁここまでピックアップするよ、と感心する出来栄え。

I also did test on paper. The top row is done with Soft (pink) head, and the bottom row with Medium Soft (yellow) head. Plates are Dashica Infinity 70 and 40. Stamping polishes are Mundo de Uñas Blue and Purple. I'm so glad to add these stampers to my ever-growing stamper collection!

紙でもテスト。上の段はSoft(ピンク)、下の段はMedium Soft(黄色)による結果。プレートはDashica Infinity 70と40、ポリッシュはMundo de Uñas BlueとPurple。買ってよかった、本当に買ってよかった\(^o^)/

Phew! Congratulations for those who've made this far :D Took me another good 5-6 hours to take photos, edit, write up in 2 languages, but I hope this post is helpful to someone. Feel free to leave comments or questions if you have any :)


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I like all of your goodies, very nice and I'm sure that it will be put to good use =D

Cassis P
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Thanks hun!^^ I'm so excited about these babies :D Can't wait to use them <3

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Thank you for this, it is very informative :) I am so doubtfull about these, still haven't made my mind up if I want them LOL has probably to do with me having a lot of stampers allready and I haven't even used them all. I just keep an eye out for your adventures with them ;)

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Cassis P
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Aww really? I have faith in what Julia makes, so I had no doubt about these stampers :) I even used one of them for my previous mani, even before I test stamped lol.

I now have lots of stampers and few more coming, so I'm pretty content with my collection also :D That being said, stamper manufacturers tend to change materials very often and a good stamper can be discontinued easily, so I would say get some while still available in the market :)

Cassis P
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一緒に一喜一憂してくださり嬉しいです(゚∀゚) Messy Mansionのスタンパーは方々から「いいよ!」と聞いていたのでその品質を疑いませんでしたが、やっぱり自分の目で見たときは大興奮でした\(^o^)/ 硬さも選べるのでスタンピングをまだ始めたばかりという方にもお勧めです^^

嬉しいコメントをどうもありがとうございました♪ またお気軽に遊びに来てください^^

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わ~い、レビュー書くの疲れたけどMinnieに褒められて嬉しいです!\(^o^)/ ピンクのヘッドは柔らかいので、直接爪にもスタンプ出来るしdecalにもいいし、これから重宝しそうです^^

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