Tutorials 2016

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Clicking on the caption for each pic (not the pic itself) will take you to the original posts that contain either YouTube videos or short Instagram videos.

Green & Gold Lace Mani
Chinese Lanterns Mani
Love Birds Mani
Australia Day Mani
Summer Memories Mani
Cupcake & Ice Cream Mani
Retro Geometrics Mani
'Spring in the Air' Mani
Black x Silver Veil Mani
Enchanting Elves Mani
Purple Victorian Rose Mani
Ancient Celtic Book Mani
Green x Gold Sunray Mani
Blue Stripe & Triangle Mani
Vintage Bird & Butterfly Mani
Red x Gold Kaleidoscope Mani
Swirls & Rainbow Mani
Foil Flower Stamping Mani