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Today I'm showing you some items sent for review by Harunouta. Harunouta is basically a Japanese site of Born Pretty Store, but they also sell exclusive items that BPS don't carry. You can follow their instagram account here.

I have done numerous reviews for them in the past already, and I was approached again in February to do another one. I picked some items from their shop, but this time the parcel took 3 months to get here. Usually it only takes about 2-3 weeks at the longest. Bear in mind that although the site is in Japanese, they ship from China. I sometimes experience delays in mail delivery coming from China and Russia, so I wasn't surprised. Anyway, let's have a look at what I got.



These are what I received. 3 Ya Qin An stamping polishes, 3 jars of nail foil, 3 stamping plates, and 1 liquid nail tape.

こちらが受け取った品。Ya Qin Anスタンピングポリッシュ3本、ネイルフォイル3つ、スタンピングプレート3枚、そしてリキッドテープが1本。

First up is 3 Ya Qin An stamping polishes. If you read my previous Harunouta reviews, you see how fabulous these stamping polishes work. Product page is here and here. I asked for #21 (orange), #22 (rusty red), and #25 (pale blue). Looking at the product page though, I think I got the wrong item - I think the pink on the left is not #22, but #15. Ya Qin An polishes don't have the number or name on the bottle, so there's no knowing which colour it actually is.

最初にお見せするのがYa Qin Anスタンピングポリッシュ3本。過去の春の歌レビューを読まれたことがある方は、これらのポリッシュがかなり優秀であることはご存知かと思います。製品ページはこちらこちら。選んだのは#21(オレンジ)、#22(くすみ赤)、#25(水色)だったのですが、どうも違うアイテムが届いたような感じがします。製品ページを見る感じ、写真のピンクは#22ではなく#15のように見受けられます。Ya Qin Anポリッシュはボトルに番号や名前が書いていないので、実際にどの色が届いたのかイマイチ判別が付きません。

Here are the paper swatch on both black and white. They stamp so nice and bold on both colours.


Next up is nail foils. Product page is here. I chose #2, #15 & #21. I have never used nail foils in actual manis before. Hope I can come up with some fun use of them.


Liquid nail tape. Product page is here. I was curious to see if this is glue-based liquid tape or latex-based. Good news is that it's latex-based. If you are allergic to latex, you should avoid using it though. Once you apply on your skin, it dries in a minute or so and peels off in one good piece. Sweet.


Lastly, 3 stamping plates. 2 BP-L rectangle plates and 1 BP round plate.


Here's a close look of each plate. This is BP-L019. Product page is here. Various birdies! How cute are those cartoonish owls? Certainly not a type of mani I would normally go for, but hey, it's nice to have some variety.


This is BPL-025, product page is here. Another animal plate. It looks like I had a good intention of doing some animal manis back in February, but I don't remember what sort of mani ideas I had in mind. Anyway, it's another nice-to-have plate.

BPL-025プレート。製品ページはこちら。またもや動物プレートです。どうも2月の段階では動物ネイルをやる気満々だったようですねw ただ、どういうネイルを目指してこれらのプレートを選んだのか、今となっては思いだせない・・・。何かアイデアが降りてきたら使いたいと思います。

Finally, BP-60 plate. Product page is here. I was hoping to use this for Easter in March, but because of the delivery delay, I couldn't get to use it. Maybe next year!


So there you have it. Be sure to check out Harunouta store if you're interested in any of these items. If you have difficulty reading Japanese, then I recommend visiting Born Pretty Store and doing product search by product number.



*Products sent for honest review


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8 August 2016 at 12:18 delete

Nice review, I have the same templates (BPL-019 & 025) they are cute and actually I did a recreation of one of your manicure with one of the Owls. =)

Cassis P
9 August 2016 at 10:06 delete

Oh cool! Wonder if I've seen that mani? Both plates are so adorable^^