Red x Gold Kaleidoscope Mani

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Here's the first design I created using Cici & Sisi Acrylic Plate 'Wedding Season'

Middle & ring finger: I started off with 2 coats of Picture Polish Vegas. Then I made a stamping decal out of kaleidoscope-looking image on Cici & Sisi 'Wedding Season' using Messy Mansion Soft Gold, and coloured in with black polish. I cut the decal to fit nail size then applied it on these 2 nails. I drew black lines near nail tip, topcoated, and finished off with tear drop stud. 

Thumb, pointer & pinkie: I started off with 3 coats of Picture Polish Lakodom. I made stamping decal with an ornamental image on the same plate with Messy Mansion Soft Gold, coloured in with Picture Polish Vegas. Applied decal, topcoated, and added stud (only on pointer).

As you can see in my video, 2 designs from this acrylic plate stamp amazingly. The stamper I used for this mani is a clear stamper from Pueen Cosmetics, which was also sent for review. I haven't done the review yet but I'll show you very soon.

It's really nice to have some colours on my nails! This is the first stamping mani in 3 months and I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. I haven't been active on my YouTube either, so when I posted a video after a long absence, I received a lot of 'Welcome back! You're missed' messages. I couldn't help being emotional really. I just want to thank everyone who stick around!

前回の記事でご紹介したCici & Sisiの'Wedding Season'プレートを使った第1弾ネイル、出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product. We're having gloomy winter weather at the moment, so I couldn't get a nice sun shot 

中指と薬指 : ベースはPicture Polish Vegasを2度塗り。Cici & Sisi 'Wedding Season'プレートの万華鏡のような柄をMessy Mansion Soft Goldでスタンプし、黒で色付けしてdecal化。decalを爪に合うサイズに切ってこの2つの爪に乗せる。爪先に黒のラインを引き、トップコートして涙型スタッズでフィニッシュ。

親指、人差し指、小指 : ベースはPicture Polish Lakodomを3度塗り。同じプレートのギリシャ風の柄をMessy Mansion Soft Goldでスタンプし、Picture Polish Vegasで色付けしてdecal化。decalを爪に配置してトップコートし、人差し指にスタッズを追加。

Polishes used


Picture Polish Lakodom
Picture Polish Vegas
Face of Australia Don't Judge Me!
Messy Mansion Soft Gold
I was debating what colour scheme to use, and decided on my fav red/black/gold combo.
It was quite a 'loud' look, so I toned it down with white for other fingers

By the way this is Picture Polish Vegas on it's own. It has pretty gold shimmers all through *swoon*

ちなみにこれがPicture Polish Vegas単体。ホロじゃなくてこちらは金のシマー入り。爪の上ではさほどシマーは主張はしませんが、こういうパッキリした赤大好き♡
There are so many other gorgeous images on this plate. I can't wait to use it again!

動画を見てお分かりのように、Cici & Sisiの'Wedding Season'プレートにある2つの柄、どちらも綺麗にスタンプしました。ちなみにこのネイルに使ったスタンパーですが、Pueen Cosmeticsのクリアスタンパーです。これについてはまだご紹介していないのですが、次の記事でレビューしたいと思います。




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Fantastic post as always! Love this design - but you know that already. ;) So good to see you back!

Cassis P
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Thank you so much Kim! You always leave me encouraging comments^^

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Wow it looks gorgeous!! :D

Cassis P
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Hehe, thanks Ninthea! :D