My First Color4Nails Haul & Review

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Last week was a horrible one for me. I had headache most of the week, and on Wednesday I received a text from my sister that one of our cats, Kuromame died. She had been sick for a while, and the vet told us that she had anemia and won't live very long. She was such a sweet girl, never gone into fight with our other cats  (we have 13 cats including her). She was only 3 years old. My heart was so heavy and I didn't feel like doing anything.

I had a good start this week though, as one of my nail mails arrived today. It was from Color4Nails. I took advantage of the 4th of July 20% off deal and placed my first order. Here's how the order went.
  • Paid: July 6th
  • Shipped: July 7th
  • Arrived: July 20th
They shipped my order in a day and it only took me 2 weeks to get here. It's worth noting that the shipping cost was only $11 for 5 items. I could be wrong, but last time I checked their website, the shipping was like $20 for international orders. They must have changed it, and lucky I checked because none of the other indie polish shops offer that low shipping cost. Anyway, let's see what I got.


なので先週はまったくネイルをする気力も起きませんでした。今週はいいことあるといいな・・と思っていた矢先、Color4Nailsからの初オーダー到着。Colors4NailsはLlaroweやHypnotic Polishと同じくインディーズポリッシュを扱うショップで、ちょうど独立記念日の20%セールをやっていたときにオーダーしました。到着まではこんな感じ。
  • 支払い : 7/6
  • 発送 : 7/7
  • 到着 : 7/20

My order came like this. They were securely double-wrapped with bubble wraps


2 A-Englands, Crystalline Nail Veil, and 2 Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoats. My HK Girl topcoat is half the bottle now, and I was desperately in need of backups.

中身がこちら。A-England 2本、Crystalline Nail Veil、それからGlisten & Glow HK Girlトップコート2本。HK Girlトップコートは今使っているものがボトル半分になってきたので、バックアップとして買いました。

Here's Crystalline Nail Veil by Color4Nails. It only costs $6 for 8ml. This is my first latex-based cleanup assistant product. I used to use my PVA glue for messy job like watermarbles & gradients, but PVA glue dries super slow and I grew frustrated with it.

This product has a long & thin applicator as you can see in the photo. This may have both pros and cons. If you want to cover big area of your cuticles and skin, as you do with water marbles, this applicator may not be effective, but if you need precise application like going very close to your cuticles, this will surely help.

まずこちらがColor4NailsのCrystalline Nail Veil。8ml入りで$6。ウォーターマーブルやグラデーションネイルをするときにクリーンアップを楽にするためのものです。PVAグルーベースのものはDIYしたことがありますが、ラテックスベースのものは初めてです。PVAグルーはとにかく乾きが遅く、イライラすることが多くなってきたのでラテックスベースのものが欲しかったのです。


I was curious to see how fast it dries. I applied around my thumb and watched my clock. It mostly dried in 2 minutes, and there was one patch that I applied multiple layers and that part took 3 minutes to completely dry. As you can see, the colour turns to dark yellow once it's dry. My PVA glue takes about 15 minutes to dry, and I have to apply thick to be able to peel off in one nice piece. I'm so impressed with how quickly this Nail Veil dries.

一番興味があったのが「何分で乾くか」。親指の周りに薄く塗り、時計とにらめっこ。2分経過するとほとんどの部分が乾いてきました。1箇所、少し厚めに塗った部分は3分かかりました。乾いたかどうかは黄色の液が透明になるので判断できます。私が使っていたPVAグルーは乾くのに15分はかかり、しかも綺麗に剥がすためには厚塗りをしなくてはいけなかったので余計に時間がかかりました。このNail Veilは短時間で済むので使いやすそうです。

OK, how easily does it peel off? I applied fairly thin, but it came off in one nice piece, not like my PVA glue where bits and pieces always get stuck to my skin. 

Overall, I'm so happy with this product, just as I expected from a latex-based cleanup aid tool. I can't wait to start using it.


というわけでCrystalline Nail Veil、かなり好印象です。ラテックスアレルギーのある方は使えませんが、こういうのが1つあると便利だと思います。使うのが楽しみです。

Onto A-England swatches. I was going to simply show you swatch on nail stick, but these looked too pretty not to wear immediately! This is two coats of Crown of Thistles, no topcoat.

最後にA-Englandのswatchを。いつものようにネイルスティックのswatchをお見せして終わろうかと思ったのですが、あまりにも美麗なので爪に塗りたくなってしまいました。これはCrown of Thistles 2度塗り、トップコートなし。

These holo particles are simply divine. Adina's creations are pure magic.


And this is two coats of Fotheringhay Castle, no topcoat. Such a unique colour, I can't think of any other polish like this one.

そしてこちらがFotheringhay Castle 2度塗り、トップコートなし。こちらも本当にユニークな色ですよね。こんな感じのホロ、他では見たことがありません。

Application is a breeze as with all A-Englands I have. You can get away with one thick coat or 2 thin coats. My dream is to add all A-Englands to my collection. lol


My first purchase at Color4Nails was a very positive experience, and I know I will be buying more from them in the future.


I'll finish this post with a picture of Kuromame. This was taken in 2012 when she was less than one year old. Rest in peace sweetie, you will be dearly missed.


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Wow the nail polishes are amazing specially the purple one! *.*

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Cassis P
22 July 2015 at 18:53 delete

Thanks Ninthea! That purple is a true stunner^^

Cassis P
22 July 2015 at 19:04 delete

わあ~Minnieの優しい言葉に元気出た*^^* MinnieのワンちゃんもMinnieのことが大好きだったんだろうな。本当にすぐにでも家に戻って抱きしめてあげたかったけど、それができないのが海外住まいの辛いところですよね。。まめは前にも大病をして助からないと言われていたのに生還したので、今回もちょっと期待していたところがありました。なので余計にガックリで。今は写真や動画を見て楽しかった日々を思い出しています。

頭痛にはカモミールティーなのか~。早速Woolworthで買ってこないと(゚∀゚) 暖かい気遣いを本当にどうもありがとうございます♡♡ *^^*

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Cassis P
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Minnieeee!(;▽;) なんて優しい子なんですか~♡♡ そんな風に気遣ってもらえて本当に嬉しいです *^^* 本当に本当にありがとう~!!(;▽;)

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Ohhh I am so sorry for your loss, Kuromame looked so cute and sweet. They leave an empty spot in your heart when they are gone don't they. Hugs from me XXX

Cassis P
26 July 2015 at 12:29 delete

Thank you so much, hunni! Yeah we have lots of cats, but every single one of them is still so special. It's really sad but I'm glad to know she's free from pains now <3