Retro Geometrics Mani Using Pueen Love Elements Plate

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I created the first design using Pueen Love Elements collection sent for review. Also, this is the first time I used Simply Neat Miracle Mat.

I applied 2-3 coats of pink, blue, and camel on Simply Neat Miracle Mat and let them dry. Then I stamped a circle pattern from Pueen Love Elements 34-37 plate using black & white stamping polishes, peeled the decals off the mat, and cut them in triangles. I applied black on all my nails and while it's still slightly tacky, I placed those decals on each nail. Finished off with HK Girl topcoat, followed by Essie Matte About You.

Some tips for those who want to recreate this look. You may want to apply few coats of polish on the mat to make it easier to cut later. Only 1 coat will be too thin to cut neatly, and too many coats will make the decal too thick and bulky. Also, allow them to dry thoroughly. I went for shopping while I had the decals drying, and came back to peel them off 2 hours later. 30 minutes will probably do, but it was really easy to cut straight when the decals are nice and stiff.

This mani may look to be a colour blocking mani using tapes, but it's much more simple to create than that. With drying time aside, you can do this in 20 minutes. Well, I want all my manis to be like that!

Pueen Love Elementsコレクションを使ったネイルを1つ作成してみました。また、Simply Neat Miracle Matも初使用。出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product, mattified with Essie Matte About You

まず、Simply Neat Miracle Matにピンク、青、キャメルを2,3度塗りし、よく乾かす。Pueen Love Elements 34-37プレートの円形柄を黒と白でそれぞれスタンプし、マットからdecalを剥がして三角形に切り取る。decalを爪に乗せる少し前にベースの黒を塗り、ランダムに爪にdecalを配置したらHK GirlトップコートとEssie Matte About Youでフィニッシュ。

Polishes used


Elcorazon Active Bio-gel 423/261 Cream
Elcorazon Charm & Beauty 892
Face of Australia Don't Judge Me
Essie Sweet Pie
Pueen Super Intense - Black Jack
Pueen Super Intense - Pure White
I went for retro, nostalgic colour combo. I'm so happy that these colours go so well together!


I'm so into matte look lately. Making it matte hides the flaws I think. lol



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I love this...great colors!

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Glad you said that! Thanks hunni^^

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