Red Holo Triangle Mani using A-England Polishes

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October 6th Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

We've had few days this week when the temperature went up to 30 degrees. Geez, I thought we just came into spring, didn't we? I'm not complaining because sunny day means perfect day for wearing holos!

Thumb, middle & ring finger: I started with just base coat, then covered the top half of with a piece of masking tape, painted A-England Rose Bower at the bottom half and peeled off tape. Then paint Hit the Bottle Protect 'n Peel on cuticle area and the bare part of the nail, and let dry for few minutes. I stamped a circle geometric pattern on Fab Ur Nails FUN17 using Mundo de Uñas Silver on the red part, and peeled off Protect 'n Peel. I topcoated then placed striping tape and masking tape to create a triangle shape, painted A-England Incense Burner, and peeled off tapes. I finished off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

Pointer & pinkie: 2 coats of A-England Rose Bower, topped with silver studs bought from ebay.

This mani has everything I love - holo, tapes, studs, and of course stamping! I had a bit of staining on my nails after I did the chevron x fruit mani, so I made the negative space as tiny as possible. I still like the look, and those a-England shades complement each other so perfectly.



Finished product, with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat. In the sun

親指、中指、薬指: ベースコートから開始。マスキングテープで爪の上半分をカバーし、下半分にA-England Rose Bowerを塗ってテープを剥がす。次に、キューティクル周りと素爪の部分にHit the Bottle Protect 'n Peelを塗り、数分乾かす。Fab Ur Nails FUN17プレートの円形の幾何学模様をMundo de Uñas Silverでスタンプし、Protect 'n Peelを剥がす。トップコートをしたらラインテープで三角形を形成し、A-England Incense Burnerを三角形部分に塗ってテープを剥がす。仕上げはGlisten & Glow HK Girlトップコート。

人差し指と小指: A-England Rose Bowerを2度塗りし、ebayで買ったシルバースタッズを追加。


Polishes used


A-England Rose Bower
A-England Incense Burner
Mundo de Uñas Silver

I like using masking tape (called washi tape as well) and striping tapes.
Lines always come out crisp and straight compared to other types of tape 

このネイルはホロ(しかもa-England)、スタッズ、テープ、それからスタンピングと、カシスの好きなものがいっぱい詰まっています。三角部分のIncense Burnerもいい味出してますね~(゚∀゚)

It always makes me happy when I wear a-England polishes. I'm already making wishlist to get more!


にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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manicure sure looks super nice =)

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Glad you like it! Thanks hunni^^

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HTBのピールオフ、使いやすいですよ~!パリセードはブラシが細くてちょっと塗りにくそう・・・^_^; でもスキンプロテクターとしてじゃなく、パリセードで爪にアートしてその上からポリッシュ塗ってはがしたりしたりというアートを良く見るので、Minnieもその使い方でやってみては?^^