My Second Color4Nails Haul & A-England Swatches

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Color4Nails was having a 25% off deal for their 2nd anniversary in August, and I decided to order 5 more A-Englands. Here's how the order went:

  • Paid: August 8
  • Shipped: August 9
  • Arrived: August 26

What I love about this shop is that they ship out so quick and the shipping cost is reasonable. The order arrived in a bit over 2 weeks. I swatched all polishes on my nails and will show you the pics. Thanks to Simply Peel I used as peel-off basecoat, swatching was a breeze.


  • 支払い: 8/8
  • 発送: 8/9
  • 到着: 8/26

このショップでの買い物は2回目ですが、何といっても送料安い&発送が速いのが素晴らしいですね。2週間ちょっとで到着。5本すべて爪に塗ったのでその写真をお見せします。ベースコートとしてSimply Peelを使ったので、swatchがメチャ楽でした。

My new A-England babies. I love love LOVE A-Englands! Adina's creations really leave me in awe.


The first one I tried is Avalon from The Mythicals collection. A regal purple shade with pink and blue shimmers. This is two coats with no topcoats. Outside shot.

最初に塗ったのがThe MythicalsコレクションのAvalon。ピンクと青のシマーが入ったロイヤルパープル。2度塗り、トップコートなし。屋外ショット。

This is the first time I tried non-holo A-England, and formulate is amazing like others. First coat goes on quite sheer, but it gets opaque in two coats.


Bottle shot. Not a good pic but you can see a bit of shimmers in there.


I just had to include the indoor shot as well. This is taken under studio lights. Shimmers are dimmed and it has such a smooth look. It looks like a completely different polish.


A close-up shot. I was ohhed and ahhhed as I painted this on each nail.


Next up is Rose Bower from Burne-Jones Dream collection. Rosy red shade with scattered holo. Two coats with no topcoats. Outside shot.

お次はBurne-Jones DreamコレクションのRose Bower。バラのような赤のscatteredホロ。2度塗りトップコートなし、室外撮り。

Macro. Very juicy and sexy colour. I really want to match this up with Hit the Bottle Poison Apple.

マクロ。ジューシーかつセクシーな色ですね。Hit the BottleのPoison Appleと組み合わせたら完璧だな。

Bottle shot. So sparkly, so pretty!


Bridal Veil from The Legend collection. A black scattered holo. I use black polish so much, and can't get enough of a beautiful black like this. Two coats no topcoat, outdoor shot.

そしてThe LegendコレクションのBridal Veil。黒のscatteredホロ。黒は本当によく使うし何本も持っているのですが、大好きなA-Englandからも1本買いました。2度塗り、トップコートなし。屋外ショット。

As with other A-England holos, this one has perfect amount of holo particles in there. Any more than this would turn the colour silverly.


Bottle shot. Truly droolworthy!


Last two is from the latest collection Rossetti's Goddess. This is Captive Goddess. Two coats no topcoat, outdoor shot. Gosh it's a complicated shade! A-England site describes this as 'cerulean blue, aquamarine green and muted purple veiled by a silver grey shadow'.

最後の2本は最新コレクションRossetti's Goddessから。こちらはCaptive Goddess。2度塗りトップコートなし、屋外撮り。なんという複雑な色でしょうか(*´д`*) A-Englandのサイトの説明では、「シルバーグレーの影に覆われた紺碧のブルー、アクアマリングリーンに抑え目のパープル」だそうですよ、奥さん。

Macro. Holy cool! I went speechless looking at this.


The bottle shot looks even more overwhelming. How Adina comes up with a shade like this is a mystery!


Last one is Incense Burner from the same Rossetti's Goddess collection. Two coats no topcoat, outdoor shot. Base colour is dark plum but it has beautiful mixture of different colour shimmers.

最後に同じくRossetti's GoddessコレクションのIncense Burner。2度塗りトップコートなし、屋外ショット。ベースの色はダークプラムなのですが、いろんな色のシマーが入っています。

Another super complex shade. The shimmers in it make it look like a holo, but I don't think it is. It shows different colours depending on how the light hits.


Bottle shot. Depending on the angle, it shows duo-chrome. So antique looking and totally mesmerising.


There you have it. I really enjoyed swatching every single colour! Indie community has been suffering from Mentality incident (see the first paragraph on this post for details), but there are many trustworthy indie brands out there, and A-England is certainly one of them. I can't wait to see more of Adina's creations in the future.


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9 September 2015 at 02:11 delete

gorgeous shade. my favorite is second one

Cassis P
9 September 2015 at 12:22 delete

Thanks Tina! That red is such a stunner! :D

11 September 2015 at 08:34 delete

The colors are gorgeous! I will really like to try this brand in future! :D

Cassis P
11 September 2015 at 11:45 delete

I love A-England, they are my No.1 fav indie! You really should try :)