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I was so excited when I heard the mailman knocking on the door on Sunday morning, because I know what he was bringing me. My hope, however, was shattered when I saw what he had in his hand. It was supposed to be my studio light kit but the parcel was unbelievably small. The seller sent me wrong stuff and I had to wait another few weeks to get my correct order. Grrr... What this means is that you (and I) have to put up with my not-so-great photo quality for a bit longer. 

Anyway, here's today's mani. I don't recall when I did a non-stamping mani last time, but this one is inspired by Sarah at Chalkboard Nails. She has a Youtube tutorial here for this nail art.

I started off with my off-white franken, then with barely any polish on the brush, I painted yellow, purple, pink, and green. I finished off with black and imn Out the Door topcoat. 

I love this look, it certainly is different! It reminds me of a tweed skirt I used to wear in autumn. I might try with different colours in the future.

日曜日の朝、家の前に郵便配達のお兄ちゃんの姿。何の配達か分かっていたので飛び上がりそうになるのをこらえてドアを開けるが、何かがおかしい・・・。スタジオライトのキットを頼んだはずが、お兄ちゃんが手に持っていたのは小さな小包でした。嫌な予感がしつつ中身を開けると入ってたのは電球のみ。これでどうやって写真撮れと ヽ(`Д´)ノウワァン

そんなわけで正しいスタジオライトキットが届くのはまた数週間後ですorz しばらく写真のクオリティがまた不安定になりますがご容赦を。

さて今日のネイルは久々のスタンピング以外のネイルです。いつ振りだろう?インスパイヤ元はChalkboard NailsのSarahさん。 このネイル、distressed nail artと呼ばれているのですが、すみません日本語訳がよくわかりません(汗。Sarahさんによるチュートリアルはこちらにあります。出来上がりはこちら。

Finished product with imn Out the Door topcoat

オフホワイトのフランケンを2度塗り。その後、ブラシをよく瓶の口でしごいた状態で黄色、紫、ピンク、緑を塗り重ねます。そして最後に黒で仕上げ。今回使ったトップコートはimn Out the Door。使用したポリッシュはこちら。

Polish Used - yellow and the off-white are my frankens.
Recipe for the yellow is found here


Ciate talent scout
MoYou London Cerise Pink
MoYou London Meadow Green
Off-white franken in Sinful Colors bottle


I saw other girls using these MoYou London polishes as a regular polish, so I tried myself.
These two are really pretty

今回MoYouのポリッシュを使用してみました。スタンピングじゃなくても普通のポリッシュとして使えるらしいと聞いたので(゚∀゚) 2つとも発色のいい可愛い色です。

This is my right hand before adding black and the topcoat.
Hubby says he prefers this so I included here


Thumb is my favourite. It reminds me of tweed skirt


Wonder how this will look like using metallic polishes?


にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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13 July 2014 at 04:27 delete

OMG, there really is still nail art without stamping! LOL! It looks like modern art on your nails! I love it!

Cassis P
13 July 2014 at 09:07 delete

Haha, thanks Karolyn! :D This was really fun to create. There're still heaps of non-stamping technique I wanna try!