Blue x Gold Geometrics Mani for Melissa @never_lacking_lacquer 's Birthday

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5th of September was Melissa @never_lacking_lacquer 's birthday, and Mary @dreamymm and Diana @dianavnisselroy gathered a bunch of us nail artists to recreate one of Melissa's designs to do a birthday collage. Mel likes neons and sparkles, so that was the theme for this recreation. I went through Mel's feed on Instagram, and oh my, she's got heaps of fabulous designs to choose from!

One of the designs that caught my eyes was a freehand geometric mani she did about 31 weeks ago. I remembered I had a geometric plate that I received from Harunouta a while ago, and decided to use it for this recreation.

Thumb, middle finger & ring finger: Base is Picture Polish cherish. I placed two sets of striping tapes horizontally on these nails, and painted Australis Play the game (neon blue) between the tapes. Then I made stamping decals out of two geometric images on BP-77 plate using Ya Qin An Black, and coloured in with gold, black, and white. I placed the decal on these nails and finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

Pointer & pinkie: Base is Australis Play the game, and I added two round gold studs.

Mel's original design is done by freehand, so this isn't a true-to-original type of recreation, yet I quite like the end result. Recreating other's work is always fun because you can get to create designs or use colour combos that you never come up with otherwise. Hope Mel likes our creations, and happy birthday!!

9/5はIGのお友達 Melissa @never_lacking_lacquerの誕生日ということで、Mary @dreamymm とDiana @dianavnisselroy が中心になって誕生日コラージュを作ろうということになりました。Melはネオンポリッシュとキラキラ系がお好きとのことで、お題は「ネオンとキラキラを取り入れたMelの過去のデザインの再現」。そこで早速Melのフィードをスクロールしてデザインを探しに行ってみる。素敵なデザインがいっぱいで目移りしながらも、あるネイルに特に心惹かれてそのネイルを再現してみることにしました。出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product with HK Girl topcoat

親指、中指、薬指 : ベースはPicture Polish cherish。ラインテープを爪に水平に2本置き、その間をAustralis Play the game (ネオンブルー) で塗る。BP-77プレートの幾何学模様2つをYa Qin An Blackでスタンプし、金、黒、白で色付けしてdecal作成。爪にdecalを乗せてHK Girlトップコートでフィニッシュ。

人差し指と小指 : ベースはAustralis Play the game。金の丸スタッズを2つ追加してHK Girlトップコートでフィニッシュ。

Polishes used


Picture Polish cherish
Australis Play the game
JOSS More Nail Gold
JOSS Will Not
Ya Qin An Black
This is the birthday collage done by us. Pretty epic don't you think!?

And here is Melissa's original design. Stylish, intricate, and striking! 

This is the first time I use this neon blue. It was a bit watery, but it's such a lovely colour.

I love geometric manis, and I'm glad I could finally get to use this plate. Hope Mel likes it too!