Gold x Blue Ornate Stamping Mani

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May 3rd Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

I'm having a break from cleaning and packing for the house move next week, because I'm 600km away from home at the moment. My husband is going away on his business trip, and he asked if I would like to come with him. Hummm, not really, but he convinced me that all the meals are supplied and the accommodation is nice, and also he assured that I could take my nail art stuff with me. Ummm, OK then! LOL. Lucky me, I can still do my work wherever I am, as long as I have internet. 

I brought about 3 bags worth of nail art essentials with me. I left half of my stamping plates and most of my polishes behind, but at least I can create some simple manis while I'm away. So we checked in the hotel and I set up my nail station at the hotel balcony and created this mani.

For this mani, I started off with JOSS More Nail Gold for thumb, middle finger, and ring finger. I stamped a ornate circular pattern from DRK XL Designer 2 using Mundo de Uñas Gold, painted Revlon Royal over it to make a stamping decal. I peeled it off from stamper, cut to nail size and placed on those nails. I added some dots with same Revlon Royal around the semi-circle and finished off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat. For other nails, I simply painted Revlon Royal and added some gold rounds studs I bought from eBay.

It's a simple 2 colour mani, but because of this gorgeous pattern and this glowy gold x Revlon Royal combo, it has such a lush look. I'm so glad I brought Revlon Royal with me, I think it surely added some 'royal' look to the mani :)




Finished product, with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat. In the sun

親指、中指、薬指のベースはJOSS More Nail GoldDRK XL Designer 2から豪奢な円状の柄をMundo de Uñas Goldでスタンプし、スタンパー上でRevlon Royalを塗ってdecal作成。よく乾かしてからスタンパーから剥がし、爪のサイズに切ってこの3本の爪に乗せる。その後、同じくRevlon Royalで半円部分にドットを追加し、Glisten & Glow HK Girlトップコートで仕上げ。他のネイルはRevlon Royalを塗ってeBayで買った金の丸スタッズを追加。


Polishes used


Revlon Royal
JOSS More Nail Gold
Mundo de Uñas Gold

This lush pattern doesn't really need difficult technique.
Just stamp away and it will come out gorgeous!


I wish I could have dotted more consistently, but oh well.
Doesn't look bad in real life but at a closeup shot like this, it looks meh :'(


にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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14 April 2015 at 19:39 delete

I LOVE this blue and gold combo!! And the design looks like something sacred and cool :D I can't believe you managed to do nail art plus filming and editing while you're on trip XD You are a super woman!!

Cassis P
15 April 2015 at 15:33 delete

Thanks Minnie! It's a cool stamp, isnt' it? :D I'm so loving this DRK plate that has so many gorgeous designs! This week has been hectic so far, with my work plus socialising with hubby's work colleagues... not enough time for my nails, boo! lol I'll see if I can change my nails this weekend :)

Pretty Noona
19 April 2015 at 02:00 delete

I love this manicure, it looks greate as always you have out done yourself with this mani =D thanks for sharing with us even if you are busy on your trip. Have and stay safe.

Cassis P
19 April 2015 at 11:35 delete

You're so welcome and thank you so much for your sweet comment as always, hunni! I thought you might like this one for it's lush look :D