Chevron x Fruits Mani Using Ya Qin An Plate

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September 26th Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

There are still so many plates that are sitting untried, and my first and only Ya Qin An plate, Y 004 is one of them. You can see my review post here. I decided to also use Ya Qin An stamping polishes as well.

I started off with different colours for each nail (citrus, purple, turquoise, and coral). Then I stamped chevron pattern from BP-L006 using Ya Qin An #14 (pastel yellow) and #20 (pastel blue). Then I made stamping decal out of fruits images from Y 004 plate using Ya Qin An Chocolate, coloured in with KIKO Cupcake polishes my friend Chiro @nailofthisweek kindly sent me. I finished off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat, followed by Essie Matte About You.

I always try my design on my right hand to see if I like the look before recording the process on my left hand, and I tried white base with taupe chevron stamp for all my right hand nails. It was all right but I didn't find it very appealing, so I decided to make it colourful for my left hand. Ahh much better! I think the colourful look goes well with the cute fruit stamps.


春の歌さんから送っていただいたプレート、まだまだ未使用なものがたくさんあります(レビューはこちら)。 今回はそのうちの1枚、Ya Qin AnシリーズのY 004プレートを使用してみました。出来上がりはこちら。

Finished product, mattified with Essie Matte About You

ベースは各爪に4色使用(シトラス、紫、ターコイス、コーラル)。BP-L006のシェブロン柄をYa Qin An #14(パステルイエロー)と#20(パステルブルー)でスタンプ。次に、Y 004プレートの果物柄をYa Qin An Chocolateでスタンプし、 Chiroさん @nailofthisweekがはるばるドイツから送ってくださったKIKO Cupcakeコレクションのポリッシュを何本か使って色付け。仕上げはまずGlisten & Glow HK Girlトップコート、その後Essie Matte About Youでマット化。


Polishes used


JOSS Viridian Green
Madam Glam Lilac Madness
Sinful Colors Hazard
Sinful Colors Innoucent

KIKO Cupcake Lilac
KIKO Cupcake Pineapple
KIKO Cupcake Peach
KIKO Cupcake Pistachio
KIKO Cupcake Mint

Stamping polishes used


Ya Qin An Chocolate
Ya Qin An #20
Ya Qin An #14

The first time I used these KIKO Cupcakes was a fruit mani also (seen here).
These polishes are just too perfect for fruits :D

初めてKIKO Cupcakeを使用したのも同じくフルーツネイルでしたね(こちら)。このツブツブ感がフルーツを表すのに最適すぎる(゚∀゚) 次回は名前の通りカップケーキネイルでも使ってみたいです。

These KIKOs are textured, so I made sure I applied topcoat nice and thick so it doesn't feel bumpy

ちなみにいつも右手を仕上げてから左手に取り掛かるのですが、右手のベースはすべて白の上にトープ色のシェブロンにしたんです。まぁ悪くはないけど、パンチが足りないな・・・と思い、左手はカラフルにしてみました。Ya Qin Anのパステルブルーとパステルイエローも初めて使えて満足です。フルーツに使ったYa Qin An Chocolateはこれまで何度も使っていますが、この色使い勝手が良すぎる~。買い足し決定。


にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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27 September 2015 at 08:24 delete

These are super cute! Question for you: does Sinful Colors Innocent stain your nails badly? I love the color but I hate wearing it because it always stains my nails a hideous yellow! It's so frustrating...

Cassis P
29 January 2016 at 23:34 delete

I don't know what happened but I didn't get notification for this comment. Sorry about my late reply, I just noticed! Yes Sinful Colors Innocent stains my nails badly also. It took few months to fully grow out the yellow part :(