Sugar Bubbles Stamping Plate Review & Black 'n Mint Mani

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I had some unpleasant experience on SNS recently. I got some nasty comments on my Instagram and had to delete them, and I accidentally saw someone talk about me behind my back on other SNS. Have I done something wrong? No, I haven't. Why worry then? Well, I'm a human and I have a feeling.

I'm feeling better now because my precious friend over at Instagram cheered me up with a hilarious pic and she and another of my dear friend reminded me that I have those lovely friends who value me. SNS can do both harm and good, but I've decided to focus on having a fun time with my lovely friends rather than on nastiness.

Onto today's mani. I bought 3 Sugar Bubble plates recently through Aussie group buy hosted by Nail Stamping Queen and thought I might give it a try. 

I started off with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and stamped a design from SB 018 plate with Mundo de Uñas Black. I then placed two sets of nail vinyl I bought from this shop near the centre and painted black on the side of the nails. For pointer and pinkie, I painted black and stamped with Mundo de Uñas Spring Green.

It's a simple mani with only two colours but I like that it has a classy look. I get odd comments like 'this mani is a bit difficult to make', so I thought I might go for something easy. 

For Sugar Bubbles plates, I paid $12/plate including shipping. I didn't buy directly from Sugar Bubbles so if any of my readers are interested, I suggest going to their facebook page and find information there. 

Qualitywise, I had a bit of a trouble with some of the designs not picking up very well with normal polishes. When I switch to Mundo de Uñas, the result is a bit better. Still, the designs are pretty and some are unique. I will show you the plates and a quick swatch later in the post.



気を取り直して今日の内容。少し長くなりますが、Sugar Bubblesというブラジルの会社のプレートの簡単レビューとそれを使ったネイルです。まずネイルがこちら。

Finished product with Seche Vite
(Smudging on pinkie is caused by Revlon Top coat)

ベースはSally Hansen Mint Sorbet。Sugar Bubbles SB 018から蔦のような柄をMundo de Uñas Blackでスタンプ。トップコートした後で、こちらのお店で買った直線のテープを爪の中央付近に2つ置き、爪の両端を黒で塗る。人差し指と小指は黒で塗ってMundo de Uñas Spring Greenで同じ柄をスタンプ。使用ポリッシュはこちら。

Polishes used


Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
one-coat black franken
Mundo de Uñas Spring Green
Mundo de Uñas Black

Some girls commented that the black lines make the nails even longer. Well said!

インスタで「黒の線が入ると爪が長く見えますね」とコメントをいただきましたが、言われてみれば確かに(゚∀゚) ちょっとの手間でクラシックな感じに仕上がったんではないかと。

Black can't go wrong with any colour! Loving the classy look :)


ではSugar Bubblesの簡単レビュー。

Three Sugar Bubbles plates I bought. SB 018, SB 028, & SBS 04

これが私が買った3枚のSugar Bubbles。SB 018、SB 028、SBS 04です。

Size comparison to MoYou plate (right). Plate itself is 10.5cm x 5.5cm.
Each image on this plate is 2.1cm x 1.6cm

MoYou London(一番右)のプレートとのサイズ比較。プレートのサイズ自体は10.5cm x 5.5cm。やや小さめ。柄自体は2.1cm x 1.6cmとMoYouのXLプレートより大きめ。

Quick paper swatch of SB 018. They are stamped with normal polishes, not Mundo.
Can you see the fine lines on the top left and top middle are a bit lost?

今回のネイルに使ったSB 018の紙Swatchの一部です。Mundoではなくいつもテストに使っている普通のポリッシュを使用。細かい線でできている左上の2つの柄、一部かすれていますね。2度スタンプしてどちらも同じ結果だったので彫りが浅いんだと思います。Mundoに切り替えると多少よくなります。他の2枚は大きな問題はありませんでした。

Sugar BubblesはNail Stamping Queen主催のグループバイで購入しました。1枚12ドル(送料込み)。もちろん、直接買う場合は値段も送料も変わってきます。興味がある方はSugar BubblesのFacebookページを見ていただければと思います。

Sugar Bubblesの総評としては、12ドルも払ったので期待値が高かった分、満足度はやや控えめ。ここでご紹介したChez Delaneyのプレートもそうでしたが、「MoYou以外のプレートも欲しい!」と思って他のブランドにも手を伸ばしたものの、やっぱり値段も入手しやすさもバリエーションも品質もMoYouにかなう会社はないな、と。ただ、柄は使いやすいものが多いし、この買った3枚は非常に気に入っています。


にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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I'm so sorry to hear you've experienced such crappy behavior!! While I haven't personally experienced it (yet - I know it's inevitable); I can only imagine how hurtful it is. I've been a bit MIA of late...dealing with some stuff...but I am sending you belated hugs now!!! Hopefully you can find a way to ignore the bad and focus on the good. You have so much passion and talent - it would be such a loss to the nail art community to lose you!
Love this design! The spring green from MDU was such a perfect compliment to the mint green polish. Very nice review too! :)

Cassis P
24 October 2014 at 08:18 delete


ネイル、お褒めいただき嬉しいです^^ この蔦みたいなデザインは各スタンピング会社が似たようなデザインを出していますが、使いやすくて好きです♪♪ シンプルですが黒が入ることで引き締まる感じがしますよね(゚∀゚) このSally Hansenのミントグリーンは最近買ってほとんど使っていなかったのでいっちょメインに使ってみようと思いまして☆ 私も好きな組み合わせです♪

旅行の記事も読んでいただいてありがとうございます!\(^o^)/ オーストラリアは海側よりも断然内陸が面白いと思っていたのですが、グレート・オーシャン・ロードの景観は圧巻でした^^ 日本のCMでもよく使われていると聞きますし、納得です。動物たちにもたくさん遭遇した楽しい旅でした。写真楽しんでいただいたようで嬉しいです!いつも素敵なコメントをどうもありがとうございます♪

Cassis P
24 October 2014 at 08:44 delete

Aww how sweet of you! Thank you so much for your kind words and hugs, Kim! (T_T) I got apology from someone who was secretly talking about me, but yeah those nasty comments on Instagram make me so mad! I've decided to retort next time someone leaves nasty comments like 'crappy' or 'horrible'. Probably like 'Wow, your profile pic is crappy!' or something like that :P Eye for eye, see? Haha!

I've noticed that you have been inactive too. Hope it's not anything bad that's keeping you busy! Still, I really appreciate your sweet words you send me here and on Instagram even though you're busy!

I'm glad you like the design ^^ I like using just two colours to enjoy the contrast in my manis lately :D It's spring here in OZ and I thought mint green is a perfect spring colour!