Holographic Watermarble Stamping Mani

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Here's another design I created using the Theme Park collection plates sent by Pueen Cosmetics. This time, I used the Marble Paradise 01, full of watermarble images.

Base is Dance Legend Steel Panther for all nails. I made a stamping decal out of one of the watermarble images on Pueen Marble Paradise 01 plate using Pueen Black Jack, and coloured in with Dance Legend Wow Prism polishes (see below for bottle shots). For pointer & pinkie, I used a different watermable image and partially used the image to place on these nails. Finished off with HK Girl topcoat.

We are having sunny warm days here in OZ, so I pulled out my beloved Dance Legend Wow Prisms that were hidden deep in my Helmer. Oh how I love these beauties! I know I'll be using them a lot for the coming warm seasons. I wasn't too excited when I first saw this watermarble plate, but so glad I have this in my collection! I see why people love this plate because it's so fun to use.

Pueen CosmeticsのTheme Parkコレクションを使った第2弾ネイル。出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product, with HK Girl topcoat

ベースは全爪 Dance Legend Steel Panther。Pueen Marble Paradise 01プレートのウォータマーブル柄をPueen Black Jackでスタンプし、Dance Legend Wow Prismポリッシュを使用して色付けしてdecal作成。人差し指と小指は同じプレートの別の柄を使用して柄の一部を切り取って爪に配置。仕上げはHK Girlトップコート。

Polished used. Look how low Steel Panther is getting. I need backups!


Dance Legend Steel Panther
Dance Legend Just Another Star
Dance Legend Party Time
Dance Legend Inhale
Dance Legend Holy Diver
Dance Legend Beautiful Lie
Pueen Black Jack

一番最後に買ったParty Timeを除いてだいぶ減ってきてますね。特にSteel Panther。そのうちバックアップを買わねば~!
Ok, here's the macro. Awwww they're like jewels, aren't they!? 

ちなみにマクロも撮りましたよ。春になって暖かく陽射しが強くなってきたので、約1年ぶりにWow PrismたちをHelmerから引っ張り出してきました。やっぱりいいですね~、宝石のような輝き(うっとり)。
Can you see how I changed the colour order a bit for each finger?
All the colours look so well together I reckon

各爪、色の順番を少しずつ変えています。こんなカラフルでも少しも違和感なく色の調和が取れてるのがスゴイよ。だからついつい全部一緒に使いたくなる、このWow Prismシリーズ。手に持ってるSteel Pantherのキラキラも見てくださいよ。名前もカッコいい、Steel Panther大好き。
Do you have any watermarble plate? If not, why not grab one, it's so fun!!

ウォーターマーブル プレートを初めて見たときあまり感動しなかったのですが、使ってみると本当に楽しいですね。1枚持ってて損はないです。


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17 September 2016 at 19:29 delete

Ah, the WOW Prisms!! Just like jewels is the perfect description Cassis & I love how you have used them in this design!! 💜💜

Cassis P
18 September 2016 at 18:17 delete

Thank you so much Karolyn! Can you believe it's been a whole year since I last used them!? I've been forgetting how fabulous they are.. shame on me!!