Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle Oil Review

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I recently purchased Simply Pure Cuticle Oil from Bliss Kiss when they had bi-annual sale in January. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now, and would like to share my experience with it.

Before I go into review, here are the links to the Bliss Kiss store and SNS:

1月にBliss Kissが半年に一度のセールをやっているのを皆さんご存知でしたでしょうか?そのときにSimply Pureネイルオイルを購入し、現在使用を開始して3週間ほど経過。そろそろ使用感や感想などをまとめようと思い、今回レビュー記事を書くに至りました。

レビューに入る前に、Bliss KissのショップとSNSへのリンクはこちら。

This is what I purchased. Product name is Starter Kit Simply Pure, and you can buy from this page. It comes with a 2ml nail oil pen, and a 15ml dropper bottle. You can choose the scent from either Crisp or fragrance free. I chose Crisp.

こちらが購入品。商品名はStarter Kit Simply Pureで、こちらのページから購入できます。2mlのネイルオイルペンと15mlのボトルのセットです。香りはCrispと無臭から選択可能で、私はCrispにしてみました。

Before I go into review on Simply Pure, I'll tell you a little story about my nails and my past nail care. These are the two products I've been using. Left is CND Solar Oil, and the right is Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream. I think I've been using this combo about 2 years now, and I found them work very well. I use Burt's Bees once or twice a day, usually before bed and during the day when I feel the need to apply it. With CND Solar Oil, I mainly use it after I paint my nails and just before I take my nail photos. 

Since I started using them, my nails hardly break. They really do a great job in keeping my nails long and healthy. Then why did I decide to change this routine? Well, because Solar Oil is less than half a bottle now, and I really needed another bottle of oil. I could go on ebay to order another bottle of Solar Oil, but then I remembered that I've been wanting to try Simply Pure. I got to know this oil when I first did Bliss Kiss product review. I went to their website, came across the article about this oil and got really curious. Bi-annual sale started at the right time, so I jumped at the opportunity and finally became the happy owner of Simply Pure. 

Simply Pureについて書く前に、私のこれまでの爪の状態とネイルケアについて触れておきたいと思います。今まで使っていた製品がこの2つ。左がCND Solar Oil、右がBurt's Beesレモンバターキューティクルクリーム。この2点を約2年ほど愛用しており、使用感は非常に良好です。Burt's Beesは1日に1回か2回、寝る前と日中(必要に応じて)塗っています。CND Solar Oilは主に爪を塗り終わって写真を撮る直前に塗ります。

この2点を使い始めてから爪がほとんど割れなくなりました。爪を長く健康的な状態に伸ばせるようになったのはこれらの製品のおかげです。ではなぜこのルーチンを変えようと思ったのかというと、Solar Oilがボトル半分以下になってしまい新しいオイルが必要だったからです。ebayでSolar Oilをもう1本買うこともできたのですが、「そう言えば」と思い出したのがこのSimply Pure。このオイルについて知ったのはBliss Kissの製品を初レビューしたとき。Webサイトに行ってこちらの記事を読んで、「なんかすごいオイルがあるぞ」と釘づけになりました。そんな折に半年に一度のセールのお知らせが来たため、これをいい機会にと購入することになりました。

Let's have a good look at the product first, shall we? Both dropper bottle and pen have instruction on how to use and ingredient list on the label. This 2ml pen has nice soft white brush which makes application easy. This pen is meant for one-time use only, but you can also refill it. Once the oil in it runs out, you can pull it apart and refill it from the dropper bottle. You can find the refill instruction on this page.

Ingredients. You can see the ingredient list both on the label and the product page, but what's in Simply Pure are all natural ingredients that you can even eat. The key ingredient here is Jojoba Wax Ester. According to this article by Bliss Kiss owner Ana, only two molecules are small enough to move through the 100 layers of keratin that make up your nails—water and sebum (our body oil). Jojoba is almost identical in molecular structure to sebum. All the other oil molecules are too big to penetrate your nail plate. In other words, if nail oil doesn't contain Jojoba wax ester, it doesn't really do the job other than softening up your fingers. And what's great about Simply Pure is that it has the highest concentration of jojoba oil on the market. 

Smell. As I said before, you can choose from Crisp or fragrance free on the Starter Kit, and I chose Crisp. And the smell? Absolutely divine. When I first tried this oil on my nails and sniffed, I went like 'omg... citrus-y and sweet??' Yes, it has the fresh citrus-y lemon smell AND sweet vanilla like smell at the same time. Two contradicting smells in one. I seriously couldn't stop sniffing my fingers after application. Once the oil sank in, sweet smell lingers more.


成分について。成分の一覧はラベルと製品ページに書かれていますが、Simply Pureはすべて自然由来の成分でできており、どれも口にしても問題のないものです。中でも一番キーとなる成分はJojoba Wax Ester(ホホバ ワックス エステル)。Bliss KissのオーナーAnaさんのこちらの記事によると、爪を構成する100層ものケラチンに浸透していけるほど小さい分子は水と皮脂の2つしかなく、ホホバは分子構造上この皮脂とかなり近いんだそう。他のオイル分子は大きすぎて爪のプレートには浸透していきません。つまり、ホホバ ワックス エステルを含まないネイルオイルは指を柔らかくする程度の効果しかなく、爪への働きかけは皆無ということになります。そしてSimply Pureの最大のポイントは、市場に出回っているネイルオイルの中でもこのホホバの含有率が一番高いところ。ホホバ ワックス エステルは単価が高いので、他の市販のネイルオイルには最低限の分量しか含まれていないようです。


I'll show you the quick demo on how to use it. When you use it for the first time, hold it with the bristles pointing up and twist the end 20 or 30 clicks until you see oil in the bristles. After first use, you only need 1 or 2 clicks for each application. I use 1 click for 1 hand, and apply 3-5 times a day.

When the bristles is loaded with oil, you brush on your cuticle and under your nails, rub it with the other hand, and it's done!



Starter kit also comes with the instruction you might want to have a look.


Soooooo, moment of truth. The pic above is Day 1. This is before I applied Simply Pure. It was taken just after I removed a mani, so you can see the dryness on both cuticles and nails from acetone use. Poor thing. 


And this is Day 20. My pen is only 30% left. Looking healthy and no dryness whatsoever. This sight really makes me happy!


Side by side comparison. I can see annoying little white spots on ring finger on Day 1 pic, but it looks like they are gone!


I also noticed few things during this period. After I applied Simply Pure and rubbed in, the oil penetrates to my skin fairy quickly. I used to apply CND Solar Oil after I painted my nails and just before I took photos, but the oiliness of Solar Oil stayed on my nails quite long even after I rub, rub and rub in. I don't want to show my manis with greasy fingers, but don't want to wait too long to take my nail photos either! So I eventually have to go wash my hands with soapy water, which kind of defeats the purpose of using nail oil as water causes more dryness on your nails. With Simply Pure, the oil sinks in to my nails very quickly, so my nails are photo-ready in no time. I'm thinking this difference is because of the high concentration of Jojoba wax ester in Simply Pure that Ana said about. In any case, great great product!

使用期間中、気付いたことが2つほど。Simply Pureを塗って擦り込んだ後、かなり素早くオイルが肌に浸透していきます。以前はネイルを作成して写真を撮る直前にCND Solar Oilを使っていたのですが、このCNDのオイルはキューティクルに塗って擦り込んでも油っぽさがかなり長く残ります。油っぽい指のまま写真は撮りたくないけど油が消えるまで待てない!ということで、結局水と石鹸で指を洗う羽目になります。水は乾燥を引き起こす爪の最大の天敵なので、オイルを塗る意味がなくなってしまいます。Simply Pureは塗った後爪に素早く浸透して油っぽさが消えるので、すぐに写真撮影に入ることができます。この違いはもしかして、Anaさんが言っていたホホバ ワックス エステルの含有率の違いなんだろうか?とふと思いましたが、いずれにしてもかなりデキるオイルです。

Another thing I noticed is that my long nails don't bother me as much as they used to. I work as a document translator and I spend about 8 hours a day in front of my laptop typing away. When my nails grow past 2cm on my left hand, and 1.8cm on my right hand, I start to feel the annoying clicking sensation when typing on keyboard. (Don't ask me why the different length on left and right, I don't even know.) This usually tells me it's about time to file down my nails. I noticed the other day though, that my right hand nails are almost 2cm, and it didn't bother me at all when typing. I can only assume that it's because my nails are properly hydrated with Simply Pure free from dryness, and kept them very flexible. 

もう1つ気付いたことは、以前ほど爪の長さが気にならなくなったこと。私の本職はコンピューターマニュアルの翻訳で、1日約8時間ほどノートPCに向かってキーボードを叩いています。だいたい左手の爪が2cm、右手の爪が1.8cmを超えると、キーボードを打つときに爪がカチカチっと当たって軽い痛みを感じるようになります。(ちなみに右手と左手で長さが違う理由は謎。)こうなってくると「あ、爪を切る頃だな」と分かるのですが、先日右手の爪が2cmに達するぐらい伸びていることに気付きました。キーボードに当たって痛いという感覚がなかったので、これほど伸びるまで気付きませんでした。これについても推測ですが、Simply Pureで爪が乾燥知らずのしなやかな状態になっているのでカチカチっとした感じが軽減されたのかなと考えています。

So, my thought on Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle Oil? I absolutely love it. I was quite happy with my previous nail care products, but didn't expect I could find anything better. I will probably use it in conjunction with Burt's Bees cuticle cream, which I still love. If you are unhappy with your current nail care routine, or having trouble with your nail conditions, why not try this oil?

というわけでBliss Kiss Simply Pureキューティクルオイルの総評。一言で言って非常に素晴らしい商品です。以前のネイルケア製品にも十分満足でしたが、もっといい製品が見つかるとは思っていませんでした。今後はBurt's Beesキューティクルクリームも併用して使って行くと思います。現在のネイルケアや爪の状態にご不満な方は、是非試してみてください。


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Simply Pure、ご存知でしたか♪ \(^o^)/ 正直、「オイルってどれも同じなんじゃ・・」と思っていたので、違いを感じられたのは自分でも驚きです。私はCNDが初のキューティクルオイルだったので、その浸透具合もスタンダードと思っていたのですが、Simply Pureは浸透がかなり早いと感じました。ただ、使って行くうちに浸透も遅くなってくると聞いたので、自分の爪は相当カラッカラに乾いてたんだろうな~と(笑。uLさんは普段からきちんと手入れをされていると思うので、また違う感想を持たれるかもしれませんが^^


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I see you live in Australia, how much was postage here? Ordering even small things like cuticle oil from the US to Australia can be very expensive. I'd love to have nails that actually grow but I'm on a limited budget.

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Hi Mandy, I checked what I paid for this order (Simply Pure starter kit + nail file), and the shipping was only $6.39 :)