Franken with TKB 'Travel to Jupiter' stamped with Pueen 40

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I created this mani almost a month ago, but kept stalling to post. We were having terrible weather at that time, and the photo quality is simply terrible. I'm sick of wandering around in the room trying to catch light to take photos, so I ordered a studio light and a lightbox. Hopefully my frustration with photo shooting will be gone with these toys!

Anyway, here's the mani. This is the 4th post of TKB 'Travel to' pigment franken series. (I'm determined to swatch all my duochrome frankens before I show you multichrome awesomeness that arrived from Russia.) Here are the links to previous posts:

Travel to Earth
Travel to Mars
Travel to Venus

I'm showing you 'Travel to Jupiter' franken today. TKB's description says this pigment 'shifts from gold-green fade to soft silver-green to blue'. Again, this franken is simply a mixture of suspension base plus 2 tiny scoops of Travel to Jupiter pigment. The swatch is one thick coat over one-coat black I made previously.

Under a certain angle, green-blue colour shift shows up pretty well. After I checked what the colour shift is like, I added a zebra pattern from Pueen plate 40 using Mundo de Uñas Peach and Lilac, topped with some pastel studs. 

超久々のTKB Travel toフランケンシリーズ。今回は第4弾、Travel to Jupiterピグメントを使ったフランケンのご紹介です。このネイル、1か月前にしていたものですが写真のクオリティに納得できず、今まで延ばし延ばしになっていました。

第1弾:Travel to Earth
第2弾:Travel to Mars
第3弾:Travel to Venus


One thick coat of franken over black. You can't see colour shift on this photo

one coatブラックを1度塗り、その上にフランケンをたっぷり1度塗り。トップコートあり、室内撮り。ピグメントとボトルショットはこちら。

Bottle shot of the Franken and the pigment

作り方は前回と同じ。Suspension baseをボトル半分注ぎ、ピグメントをお手製ストローの先っちょに乗せて2杯投入。カラーシフトはこんな感じ。

Colour shift


Outdoor shot. Green is more predominant


Macro shot. You can see a bit of a gold/silver shimmer


Added studs and a zebra pattern from Pueen plate 40

最終的にこうなりました。薬指の柄はPueen 40から。Mundo de UñasのPeachとLilacを使ってツートンカラーのスタンピングです。

I bought this wheel from ebay. Pastel studs are adorable!


そんなわけでTravel to Jupiterフランケンのご紹介でした。残り3本もさっさとSwatchします(`・ω・´)キリッ

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