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When I posted my peacock mani on Instagram and mentioned this looked like 'peacock in galaxy', Debbie @ladyandthe_stamp reminded me of 'cats in space' manis you see every now and then, and we thought this could turn into 'a thing'. Then Louise @louisenails joined us and both Debbie and Louise created 'galaxy animals' manis! I love my crazy stamping buddies... their creations made me laugh so hard!

Well, I certainly can't compete them in terms of uniqueness and creativity (or rather, craziness :P), but this fun game led me to create this mani.

I started off with one-coat black franken and added a thick coat of Essence Space Queen (clear glitter topper). I then stamped three animals from MoYou London Greek Mythology 02.

I also added black holo stars I got from MoYou, painted some stars in white, and finally finished off with Seche Vite.

I'm quite happy with the result! I never thought of doing this constellation mani if it wasn't for the fun idea created by my IG friends. I'm so glad I joined Instagram!

今日は別のネイルを投稿するつもりだったのですが、急きょ予定を変更してお送りします。前回のクジャクネイル、インスタグラムに載せたところ大変良い反応をいただきました。それで、よくコメントのやり取りをしているDebbie @ladyandthe_stampに「でもこれって銀河の中のクジャクみたいだよねw」と言ったところ、「ほら、cats in spaceのネイルもよく見るじゃない、トレンドになるんじゃ?」みたいな話に発展し、さらにLouise @louisenailsも加わって何故かみんなで「銀河動物」ネイルを作ることにw


Finished product - does it look like a constellation mani?

ベースはone coatブラックフランケンを一度塗り、その上にEssence Space Queenをたっぷり一度塗り。MoYou London Greek Mythology 02から蛇、鳥、牛をColor Club Harp On Itでスタンプ。さらにMoYou製の☆のデコレーションを追加。仕上げにSeche Vite。


Polish used


Essence Space Queen
one coat black franken
Color Club Harp On It

Loving the holo on the constellations!


This is before adding white stars around constellations


Which do you prefer, before adding white stars or after?

そんな感じで銀河動物から派生した星座ネイルでした。ホロで表現した星座の感じがなかなか気に入りました(゚∀゚) インスタグラムは面白い人がいっぱいいるので止められませんw

にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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21 August 2014 at 07:14 delete

OMG, but it's astonishing!
Why don't you have any comments?!
Btw, your nail art reminds me some Saint Seiya's backgrounds... but, alas, your mani is much more EPIC!! Good job.

Cassis P
21 August 2014 at 08:14 delete

Thanks for the sweet comment, lovely! My blog is a bit quiet compared to my Instagram account :P LOL So glad you like this mani, coz I like it too! The holo stamping is mesmorizing :D BTW, Saint Seiya was really popular in my childhood!

Z. Cairn
7 March 2015 at 05:40 delete

What a gorgeous mani! I love this so much, I just need to get a few of the CC holos and I'll be on my way! <3

Cassis P
7 March 2015 at 08:33 delete

Thanks hun! I really love this one^^ I was like yeees! when I the idea came to mind and when I actually created this :D