Swirls & Rainbow Stamping Mani

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Another month has flown past, and it's August already. I was in another state most of July, and only came back home the other day. It's good to be home! A bunch of nail mails were waiting for me, so I guess I'm gonna be busy for a while. Sad thing is that I have some nail breaks from doing dishes while I was away, because the accommodation we stayed at had no dish washer. Grrrr... I'm slightly unmotivated because of this, but hopefully they all grow out soon.

Today's mani is what I created a while ago, even before Ane Li's tribute mani. I started off with white base, then using four colours (yellow, turquoise, purple & pink), made a diagonal gradient for all nails. I stamped a swirly image from Cici & Sisi wedding season plate using Messy Mansion Chalk, and partially stamped the same pattern with Messy Mansion Carbon. Finished off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

I had a bunch of untried Picture Polish shades with me, so I decided to use some of them. This is actually the first time I tried diagonal gradient, and I quite like the effect. Maybe I should do gradient manis more often.

7月もあっという間に過ぎてもう8月。先月は他の州に滞在していて、つい先日戻ってきました。やっぱり自宅はいいなぁ~。nail mailもいくつか届いていたので、しばらくまた忙しくなりそうです。ただ、先月滞在していた宿に食洗器がなかったこともあり、連日の皿洗いで爪が数本折れてしまってモチベーションがダダ下がり中・・。家事をされているネイルアーティストの皆さん、皿洗いは本当に爪に悪いのでお気を付けください。

さて、今日のネイルはだいぶ前に作成したものです。前回のAne Liさんの追悼ネイルよりも前に完成していましたが、披露のタイミングが逆になってしまいました。出来上がりはこちら。
Finished product. Taken in the sun

ベースは白。黄色、ピンク、ターコイス、紫の4色でスポンジに斜めに塗っていき、爪に載せる。その後、Cici & SisiのWedding Seasonプレートの渦巻き柄をMessy Mansion Chalkでスタンプし、同じ柄の一部を使って再度Messy Mansion Carbonでスタンプ。HK Girlトップコートで仕上げ。

Polishes used


JOSS Will Not
Picture Polish tingle
Picture Polish sorbet
Picture Polish peaches n' cream
Picture Polish wisteria
Messy Mansion Chalk
Messy Mansion Carbon
Colour order of gradient is slightly different for middle/pinkie and pointer/ring fingers,
so it kinda looks like I used more than 4 colours, doesn't it?

Picture Polishは2月に大量購入したのですが、今まで塗れずにいたので出張先に数本持っていきました。せっかくなのでここで一気に4本使用。人差し指/薬指ペアと中指/小指ペアでグラデーションの色の順番を変えてみたので、なんとなく4色以上使っているような感じに見えますかね。
I can't get enough of swirls. It was an easy mani, but I got heaps of positive comments for this mani on IG



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7 August 2016 at 21:19 delete

WOOOW I am in love with this mani! I like the oblique gradient and also the swirls!! *___*

Cassis P
8 August 2016 at 11:24 delete

Thanks Ninthea! Glad you like it^^ Doing diagonal gradient was so fun :D

11 August 2016 at 16:51 delete

I like it too! I am nuts about ombre nails. I often do some interesting ideas of gradient nails from http://nailartstyle.com/ombre-nails website. And where did you get your idea?

Cassis P
12 August 2016 at 15:15 delete

Thanks hun! I didn't get inspiration from anywhere for this mani. I just wanted to use a bunch of untried Picture polishes, and thought gradient would be perfect :D