Ancient Celtic Book Mani

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With St. Patrick Day approaching, I thought I might create some Celtic mani. This is actually my first ever St. Pats/Celtic design.

I started off with Dior Brown Sugar for all my nails. I stamped a script pattern from Messy Mansion MM24 using Hit the Bottle Copper Haired Girl and Messy Mansion Crystal Stamper 1.0. Then I took few drops of A-England Virgin Queen & Fotheringhay Castle on makeup sponge, and dabbled randomly on my nails. Then I made stamping decals out of Celtic designs on Messy Mansion Symetrika 06 plate using Mundo de Uñas Military Green & Blue Gray, and coloured in with red, green, camel, and blue. I placed the decals on pointer, middle & ring finger, and finished off with HK Girl topcoat followed by Essie Matte About You.

Honestly I don't know much about anything Celtic, so I had a bit of googling to find out what sort of designs and colour scheme is appropriate. Then I remembered I had a fabulous script plate (Messy Mansion MM24), so I combined the script with Celtic designs to create this mani. I did a sponging with A-England shades and used rusty colours to create an antique effect. I really had fun creating this mani.

Finished product. Mattified with Essie Matte About You

ベースは全爪Dior Brown Sugar。Messy Mansion MM24プレートの活字柄をHit the Bottle Copper Haired GirlとMessy Mansion Crystal Stamper 1.0でスタンプ。スポンジにA-England Virgin QueenとFotheringhay Castleを少量取り、爪にランダムに軽く乗せる。次に、Messy Mansion Symetrika 06プレートのケルト柄をMundo de Uñas Military GreenとBlue Grayでスタンプし、赤・緑・キャメル・青で色付けしてdecal化。decalを人差し指、中指、薬指に配置してHK Girlトップコートを塗り、さらにEssie Matte About Youでマット化。

Polishes used


Dior Brown Sugar
Elcorazon Charm & Beauty No.892
Elcorazon No.423/261 Cream
A-England Virgin Queen
A-England Fotheringhay Castle
Sinful Colors Innocent
BC & Co. shade #24

Stamping polishes used


Hit the Bottle Copper Haired Girl
Mundo de Unas Military Green
Mundo de Unas Blue Gray
This is the base before placing decals. I found out this particular script stamp on MM24
looks similar to Celtic script so I decided to go for it

I also took a pic before mattifying. Which do you like? I think colours are more vivid on this one,
but seeing that the theme is 'ancient book', I think matte looks better


I always thought A-England shades are perfect for antique look, and I was right.
Although they are not the main colours, they add a nice rusty touch to this mani

手に持っているA-EnglandのVirgin Queen、実は使うの初めてです。しかもこんなチョイ役で申し訳ない・・(滝汗。でもアンティーク感を出したいと思ったときに真っ先に頭に浮かんだのがこのポリッシュ。ほとんどdecalの後ろに隠れちゃってますが、かなりいい味を出してくれていると思います。
I left my thumb and pinkie simple by not placing any decals, because I wanted to show the base as well 



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わあ~い、このネイルは本当にあれこれ考えて作ったネイルなのでMinnieにそう言ってもらえて本当に嬉しい!!\(^o^)/ St Pat'sとイースターは日本ではお祝いしないし自分の中でイマイチ盛り上がらないイベントなんですよね~^_^; 本当にいつも気付かないうちに終わってるって感じ(笑