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My first review in 2016, and this is going to be a long one. I was recently contacted by the owner of Creative Shop stamper, Oksana if I would like to review her new stamper called Space Collection. At that time, there was zero information on the internet about the new collection and I had no idea what it would look like. Of course I agreed to do the review and waited half excited and half anxious. Why anxious you ask? Because I was one of those girls who couldn't get the original Creative Shop stamper to work perfectly. You can read my review on this post and the follow-up post. Information started to come out and I felt more relaxed and excited than anxious. Then after few weeks' wait, the stamper arrived.

今日のポストは今年初のレビューです。ちょっと長くなりますがご了承を。去年の暮れにCreative Shopのオーナー、Oksanaさんより、「新しいCreative Shopスタンパーのレビューをしてみませんか?」とご連絡をいただきました。連絡をいただいた当時はネット上に情報が一切出ておらず、どんなスタンパーなのか見当も付きませんでしたが、もちろん了承して期待半分・不安半分で待ちました。何故不安だったかというと、自分は初代のCSスタンパーをあまり活用できなかった1人だからです。初代スタンパーのレビューはこちらこちらの補足記事でご覧いただけます。情報が少しずつ出始めて不安よりも期待の方が高まってきたときに、スタンパーがようやく到着。

Before I go into review, here are the links to the resellers of this stamper (as of this writing). Oksana doesn't sell them directly, so you need to go through one of those resellers. Pricing is different with each shop.
Also, the most up-to-date information about this stamper will be found on this facebook page. Oksana posts useful information there, so it's a good idea to join the group. 


So this is what I received. Two stamper heads, a stamper holder and a scraper.


I'll show you the stamper heads first. There are 8 stamper heads to choose from; 4 darker colours (called 'Dark Side') and 4 lighter colours (called 'Light Side'). They have green, bronze, purple and blue shimmerly & sparkly look to them, and I was sent purple Dark Side and (probably) bronze Light Side. They are about 4.2cm in diameter. The original CS stamper is about 3.5cm, so these are even bigger.

まずはスタンパーヘッドから。選択できるスタンパーヘッドは8つ。'Dark Side'と呼ばれる濃い色のヘッドが4つと'Light Side'と呼ばれる白っぽいヘッドが4つです。それぞれ、緑、ブロンズ、紫、青のシマーが入ってキラキラしています。私が受け取ったのは紫のDark SideとおそらくブロンズのLight Side。直径は約4.2cm。初代CSスタンパーが約3.5cmだったので、さらに大きいです。

Here's a closeup shot. I've never seen a stamper like this. They are out-of-this-world beautiful!


Other than the size and the beautiful look, one big feature of this stamper is that the back of the head is a hollow. This lets your nail 'sink' in the stamper when transferring image onto your nail. I'll talk about that in detail later.


This is what they look like from the side. CSS logo is engraved, and also note that it has a lip that stops itself from sinking right into the holder.


Stickiness and squishiness. Both stamper heads are rather sticky, but more so on my Light Side than Dark Side. Not sure if this is the case with others. They are both very squishy, and because of the hollow at the back, you can bury your nail without much force. Don't dig your nail into it as I did above though, as it will make scar on the surface. Silly me :(

ベタつきと柔らかさについて。両方ともベタつきはありますが、Light Sideの方がDark Sideよりもだいぶベタつきます。他のも同様かは分かりません。両方ともかなり柔らかく、裏が空洞になっているおかげで力を込めなくても爪を埋め込むことができます。ただし、上でやっているように爪を立てないようくれぐれも注意してください。表面に傷が付くのでね・・・(-_-)

Let's look at the holder next. This stainless steel holder is exactly the same size with the one that comes with original CS stamper, but the difference is that it has double ridges running across it. With the original one, many people had trouble with their fingers slipping while stamping, and this improvement is to stop that from happening. 


Stamper head is a bit bigger than the holder, so you tuck the side of the head into the holder and rotate around until it fits in completely.

This is what it looks like in the holder (left), compared with original Creative Shop stamper (right). You can see the stamper head is slightly domed, in comparison to the original one that's relatively flat. On my follow-up review post of original stamper, I suggested pushing the edge of the head right into the holder to make a rounder head in order to ensure better pickup. With the Space Collection however, it forms a natural dome shape once it's in the holder.

こちらがホルダーに収納されたところ(左)。右は初代Creative Shopスタンパーです。右のスタンパーはヘッドがやや平たいのに対して、左のスタンパーは緩やかなドーム型になっているのが分かるかと思います。初代スタンパーの補足レビューの中で、「ヘッドの端をホルダーに押し込んで丸みを帯びるようにすると柄を拾いやりやすいのでは」と書きましたが、この新しいスタンパーはホルダーに入れた時点で自然にドーム型になるのでその必要はありません。

What about scraper? Size is 8.6cm x 5.4cm, exactly the same size with the original CS scraper. Design will be different depending on what reseller you buy it from, but the lettering is printed inside so it won't fade with acetone. It's very flexible as you can see, and it's about the same flexibility as the original one.

スクレイパーについて。サイズは8.6cm x 5.4cm で初代CSスクレイパーと同じです。デザインは購入先のショップによって異なりますが、文字は内側に印刷されているためアセトンを使っても消えません。ご覧のようにかなり柔軟で、こちらも初代CSスクレイパーと同程度です。

OK, let's move onto the most important part - How does the stamper pick up image? Stamper pickup test was done in the following way:
  • Stamping polishes are either Mundo de Unas, Ya Qin An, Pueen Super Intense, Messy Mansion, and some regular metallic polishes. These are the ones I use on a regular basis, and I know they all work great.
  • Stamping plates are Dashica Infinity, MoYou London, Pueen Cosmetics, Born Pretty, Fab Ur Nails, and Messy Mansion. I picked those plates with no etching problem.
  • Scraper I used is the one that comes with the stamper.
  • Both stamper heads were used as is, without priming. Top row of each collage is the stamping result on Light Side head, and bottom row on Dark Side head.
  • 使用したスタンピングポリッシュはMundo de UnasYa Qin AnPueen Super IntenseMessy Mansion、それから通常のメタリックポリッシュ。これらは普段からよく使用しているものであり、品質に問題がないことを確認済みです。
  • 使用したスタンピングプレートはDashica Infinity、MoYou London、Pueen Cosmetics、Born Pretty、Fab Ur Nails、そしてMessy Mansionの5つのブランドから選択。彫りの問題がないと分かっているものを選びました。
  • スクレイパーはスタンパーに付属のものを使用。
  • スタンパーヘッドはどちらもprimeしない状態で使用。以下の写真の上の段がLight Sideヘッド、下の段がDark Sideヘッドの結果です。

First up is Dashica Infinity plate 70. I just had to use this plate because this is the one I tested with my original CS stamper. Result? Some are not perfect, but much better than my experience with the original one. I'm quite thrilled with bottom right and middle though. And I'll repeat, this is done without priming.

まずはDashica Infinityプレート70.初代CSスタンパーのテストに使ったのがこのプレートなので、まずこれを試してみることにしました。結果は如何に?完璧とはいいがたいですが、初代よりだいぶ良好と言えると思います。特に右下と真ん中下のピックアップなんてかなりいいんじゃないでしょうか。ちなみに繰り返しますが、primeはしていません。

Next up is MoYou London. These are Punk 07, Mother Nature 02, and Fashionista 11. Looks perfect to me on these ones. I certainly started to get the hang of it as I did this test. The big stamper head on this Space Collection is great for buffet type plates.

お次はMoYou London。プレートはPunk 07、Mother Nature 02、Fashionista 11。いいねいいね、これは完璧と言っていいんじゃないでしょうか?(゚∀゚) テストをやっていくうちにコツを掴んできた気がします。Space Collectionの大きなヘッドはバフェットタイプ(一続き柄)のプレートに最適ですね。

Next is Pueen Cosmetics. These are Lace Blossom plate and Fairytale Lover 01 plate. I picked thin lines, thick lines, and symmetric patterns to test on. Again all look great to me! If you look closely though, you can see Dark Side result is slightly better than Light Side. It was like that throughout this test, and I'm not sure why. As I said before, my Light Side head is stickier than Dark Side, and that could be affecting the result.

次はPueen Cosmetics。プレートはLace BlossomとFairytale Lover 01。細い線、太い線、それから左右対称柄を選んでテストしてみました。どれもいい結果ではないでしょうか。ただ、よくよく見てみるとDark Sideの方がLight Sideよりもやや綺麗なのが分かると思います。これはテスト全体を通して言えることで、理由はよくわかりません。上に書いたようにLight Sideの方がDark Sideよりもベタつきがあるのが関係しているのかもしれません。

Next up is Born Pretty, these are BP-L010, L018, and L002. I have most trouble with these plates. You can see some details are lost, especially on the Light Side. Although they have no etching problem, the etching is definitely on the shallow side. You might want to adjust how much to scrape when you use these plates.

次はBorn Pretty。プレートはBP-L010、L018、L002。一番手こずったのがこのブランド。特にLight Sideの方で細かい部分がきちんとスタンプできていないのが分かると思います。他のブランドと比べてやや彫りが浅いのが原因かもしれません。軽めにスクレイプしてプレートにポリッシュが少し多めに残るようにしてスタンプするなどの工夫が必要です。

Next is Fab Ur Nails. These are FUN-17, 14, and 19. All look good to me. I would happily transfer these to my nails. 

お次はFab Ur Nails。プレートはFUN-17、14、19。どれも綺麗にピックアップできており、爪に転写してもいいと思えるレベルです。

Lastly, Messy Mansion. These are MM65, 64 & 06. I decided to include straight lines here, because they are the hardest to stamp without getting skewed. I'm super happy that the lines came out super straight! With the smaller stamper heads, line can get distorted near the edge of the head, but bigger head on this Space Collection stamper works around that problem.

最後にMessy Mansion。プレートはMM65、64、06。このテストでは直線を入れてみました。直線は歪みやすいため、スタンプするのが一番難しいタイプの柄です。直線がそのまま直線としてピックアップされていて少し感動しました。小さ目のスタンパーヘッドだと、ヘッドの端に行くにつれて線が歪みやすいですが、このSpace Collectionのスタンパーのヘッドはかなり大きいのでその問題を回避できます。

So my thoughts on this stamper? I'm quite impressed. It took me days and weeks to figure out how to get the original stamper to working, but this Space Collection CS stamper is much easier to work with and the result comes out great. Few tips I've learned during this pickup test:

  • For best result, lightly roll the stamper head on plate when pickup. Important part is 'LIGHTLY' 'ROLL'. No pressing down, just roll. No rolling with force, just lightly.
  • Adjust how much to scrape depending on plates. As I said before, not all stamping plates have the same level of etching. Some are shallow, some are deep. If you scrape too much polish on a shallow-etched plate, you won't get a crisp stamp. This is a general stamping tip, but same goes to this Space stamper.
  • If you don't get crisp image, try switching to different brand stamping polish if you have any. I tried one stamping polish and only got half of the image, but when I switched to a different one and used on the same pattern, it came out perfect. There seems to be some combination of polish, plate, and stamper that just doesn't want to work. With my pickup test above, somehow my Ya Qin An stamping polishes worked better than the others. 
ピックアップテストを終えた後の感想としては、かなり好印象を持ちました。初代スタンパーのときは何日もかけてあらゆる方法を試しても最後まで完璧にピックアップすることはできませんでしたが、このSpace Collection CSスタンパーは扱いやすく、結果も良好。テスト中に気付いた点がいくつかあるので、以下に挙げてみます。

  • 柄をピックアップする際に、スタンパーヘッドを軽く転がすとうまく拾うことができます。重要な部分は「軽く」「転がす」ということです。スタンパーを柄に押し付けるのではなく、転がすこと。そして、力を込めるのではなく軽く転がします。
  • プレートによってスクレイプの加減を調整するとよいです。上に書いたように、スタンピングプレートはブランドによって彫りが異なります。浅いものもあれば深いものもあります。彫りの浅いプレートで力を込めてポリッシュをスクレイプすると、柄がきちんと拾えないことがあります。これはスタンピング全般に言える点ですが、このCSスタンパーにも当てはまります。
  • 柄がきちんと拾えない場合、別のブランドのスタンピングポリッシュがあればそちらに切り替えてみます。あるポリッシュでピックアップを試したところ柄の半分しか拾えなかったのに、別のブランドのポリッシュに変えたら同じ柄を完璧にピックアップできたということが何度かありました。スタンパーに加えて、ポリッシュとプレートの相性というのが存在するようです。ちなみに上のピックアップテストでは、なぜかYa Qin Anスタンピングポリッシュが一番いい結果を残してくれました。
To conclude this post, I'll show you how the picked-up image transfer to nails. I hear some girls experience images getting smudged or distorted once they transfer them on nails with this stamper. So I tried two different methods - transfer by pressing down the stamper on your nail vs. rolling it on your nail.


So here's the result. Top image is done by pressing your nails on stamper, and the bottom image is done by rolling the stamper on nails. As far as I can see, there's no distortion or smudging. I hardly do press-down transfer, but it was quite easy with this CS stamper. Because of the hollow at the back, the head sinks down with only a little bit of pressure.


So there you have it! I hope this post is useful to someone. I'm super excited to have these in my stamper collection, and I know I'll get a lot of uses out of them. Feel free to leave comment if you have any questions.


*Products sent for honest review


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このスタンパーFBで見てすごく気になってました!素晴らしすぎる神レビューありがとうございます!!さすがカシスさん☆ この記事拝見して購入は決定です(^^)♪

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Great review...very detailed. Thanks!

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おかよさん、こんにちわ!コメントありがとうございます^^ 初代がアレだったのでどうかな~と思っていたのですが、こちらは意外とすんなり使いこなせて何よりです^_^;

Cassis P
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Thanks for reading, Matty!^^

10 January 2016 at 12:30 delete

Great review Cassis! So thorough and honest. I was not impressed with the Original Creative Stamper a gave up on it within a week of having it and I've never looked back. It's somewhere in my closet instead of with my stamping tools. But between your favorable review and my insane need to collect every stamper I feel like 1 of these may end up in my collection. Thanks for putting so much time into this review!! 💜

Cassis P
10 January 2016 at 20:45 delete

You're welcome and thanks for reading, Karolyn! Yes, this is a great stamper to have. I don't have a working stamper of this size (only small ones), so I'm super excited to have these in my collection. I'm now so tempted to get other colours as well!

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Where do I order? Have to figure my bills quick then order.

Cassis P
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Links to where you can buy are found in the 3rd paragraph of this post.

29 February 2016 at 05:48 delete

Hmmm interesting. You know you're one of the few bloggers when they speak about stampers I really listen well and appreciate what you are saying because you are so through with your reviews. I also had such a terrible time with the original CS stamper that I had a vague kind of ehhhh opinion of these I have to wait and see what others say. I have a set, but I haven't tested them extensively yet except to say I was quite pleased with the softness of this stamper though the sinking can get a bit out of control.

Cassis P
29 February 2016 at 08:53 delete

Thanks for your comment, Tamira! I remember you were having trouble with original CS stamper also. To me this Space collection works way better than the original. And yes, sinking can be a issue for some girls. I saw Oksana post on the facebook group to seal off the hole at the back of the holder with scotch tape so the head doesn't sink in too much. I haven't done that yet, but it's worth a try! :)