Halloween Night Stamping Mani Using EJB Stamping Plate

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October 12th Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

I haven't been on Instagram much since my last post there, but when I went and looked, there were Halloween manis everywhere! With so many Halloween designs around, it really makes it difficult for me to come up with something unique and creative, but I finally decided on one design.

Thumb, middle finger & ring finger: Base is Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini. I painted a semi-circle with KIKO Melon and Ciate hopscotch, and topcoated in case of mis-stamp. I applied Simply Peel around my cuticles, and stamped a cat, lamp, ghost, graveyard etc from Ejiubas EJB-04 plate side B (see this post for review & link to the shop) with Mundo de Uñas Black. I finished off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

Pointer & pinkie: Base is Sinful Colors Mauve. I painted semi-circle with Madam Glam Lilac Madness and MoYou London Cerise Pink, and topcoated. Then I stamped lamp, spider, witch and bat from the same plate with Mundo de Uñas Black and Light Gray.

I'm quite happy with how this turned out. I was thinking about not going for typical Halloween colours of purple and orange, but I ended up using this colour combo anyway. This EJB-04 plate has so many small images to choose from, and I had a fun time creating this mani.



Finished product, with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat. In the sun

親指、中指、薬指 : ベースはSally Hansen Teeny Bikini。KIKO MelonとCiate hopscotchで半円を描き、スタンピング前にトップコートを塗る。キューティクル周辺にSimply Peelを塗り、Ejiubas EJB-04プレートのB面(レビューとショップへのリンクはこちら)から猫、ランプ、お化け、墓地をMundo de Uñas Blackでスタンプ。仕上げはGlisten & Glow HK Girlトップコート。

人差し指と小指 : ベースはSinful Colors Mauve。Madam Glam Lilac MadnessとMoYou London Cerise Pinkで半円を描き、トップコートする。同じプレートからランプ、蜘蛛、魔女、こうもりをMundo de Uñas BlackとLight Grayでスタンプ。


Polishes used


Sinful Colors Mauve
Madam Glam Lilac Madness
MoYou London Cerise Pink
Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini
KIKO Melon
Ciate hopscotch
Mundo de Uñas Black
Mundo de Uñas Light Gray

So here are the images I used. There are lots to choose from, right?
I didn't take picture of my thumb, but it's got that skull & pumpkin <3


When I stamped, I removed unwanted parts that stamper picked up, so I used Mundo de Unas this time. They are slow-drying and work best for this purpose


Don't you just love these cartoonish images? The size is just perfect also!

Ejiubas EJB-04のB面にはちょっと漫画チックな可愛い柄が多いので、どれを使おうか目移りしてしまいました。スタンパーが要らない柄もピックアップするので、今回は乾きの遅いMdUを使用してスタンパー上で要らない部分をセロテープで取り除いてからスタンプしました。カシスは爪に直接転写するのが本当に苦手なのですが、今回はどれも配置が思った通りに決まってホッ。やっぱMdUは楽だわあ。

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