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I made a terrible mistake the other day. I was doing computer work with my drink (Caffe Latte) sitting next to my keyboard, and you know what happened? I knocked down the mug and the drink went all over my keyboard!!! Grrrrr.... My computer still works but the cursor goes everywhere.. If my unfinished post comes up on your bloglovin feed or whatever, that's because the cursor hit 'Publish' while I was writing up the post. I'm so bummered!!

Anyway, haul post today. I don't know if it's just me but my most used polishes are black and white. I use Face of Australia Scream for black and Sally Hansen White On for white, but they are less than half a bottle and getting a bit gooey. I decided that I franken these two myself instead of keep buying.

It was more than a year ago that I bought my franken supplies from You can read the haul post and my first SpectraFlair franken on here. The shop name and website has changed, and it's now I got to know this shop thanks to Cathy @morenailpolish who first introduced this shop on her blog. It's an Australian based company who sells franken supplies and also a creator of JOSS polishes. I bought suspension base and liquid base SpectraFlair back then, but this time I bought a bunch of JOSS polishes and black and white tinters.

This is how the order went:

  • Paid: March 5th
  • Shipped: March 5th
  • Arrived: March 10th

Wow... it was a long time ago that I ordered something from an Australian company and I forgot how fabulously fast the shipping is!! Anyway, let's see what I've got.

先日大きな過ちを犯してしまいました。いつものようにカフェラテの入ったマグカップをPCの横に置いて仕事中、誤ってカップを倒してしまいキーボードがびしょ濡れに・・・。慌ててペーパータオルでふき取りましたが、まだほのかにキーボードから甘い匂いが(チーン)。PCは一応動いていますが、なんせカーソルがあっちこちに飛びます。。。この記事を書いている途中、カーソルが飛んでPublishを押してしまったようで、一度公開状態になってしまいました(。-_-。) 1日経過してなんとか症状は収まりましたが、いきなり動かなくなるとかあるんだろうか・・。

気を取り直して、今日はhaul記事。皆さんはどうか分かりませんが、カシスが一番使うポリッシュといえば白と黒です。白はSally Hansen White On、黒はFace of Australia Screamを使用しているのですが、どちらもボトル半分になって粘り気が出てきて使いにくくなってきました。よく使う色だから、買い続けるより作った方がいいんじゃ?ということで、以前フランケンサプライを買ったお店を久々に覗いてみました。

フランケンサプライを買ったのは今から1年以上前になります。お店は。そのときのhaul記事と初めてのSpectraFlairフランケンはこちら。今はショップの名前とWebサイトが変わって、となっています このショップを知ったのはCathyさん@morenailpolishがブログで紹介していたのを読んだのがきっかけです。オーストラリアのほとんどのインディーズがここのフランケンサプライを使っているそうですが、JOSSという自主ポリッシュラインも販売しています。1年前はsuspension baseとSpectraFlairを購入したのですが、今回はJOSSを数本と白と黒のtinterを購入。

  • 支払い: March 5th
  • 発送: March 5th
  • 到着: March 10th

The order came in a box like this, just like before. My treasure is buried in there. lol


Look at these overwhelming amount of Styrofoam. I don't think this company has ever caused any damaged package in the past.


First half of the order is 5 JOSS polishes. I have 3 JOSS polishes in my stash, and they were a giveaway prize from none other than Cathy herself. They are great quality and I've always wanted to get more. From left to right:

  • Little Black Dress
  • Will Not 
  • Dazzling 
  • Viridian Green
  • More Nail Gold

  • Little Black Dress
  • Will Not 
  • Dazzling 
  • Viridian Green
  • More Nail Gold

They are all 15ml and priced at AU$6.95. Affordable right? And can you see there are 4 mixing balls in a bottle? I noticed this when I used one of my JOSS polishes before and was really surprised. I only find 1 or 2 mixing balls in all of my polishes except JOSS. While many polish brands try to cut down costs in some way or other, I feel this company is more interested in ensuring the best quality on their products.


And here's black and white tinters. I asked Ray, the shop owner, how to franken black and white polishes, and his answer was to mix these tinters in a suspension base at 1:1 ratio. Once those JOSS black and white ran out, I will start frankening with these.

そしてこれが黒と白のTinter。ショップオーナーのRayに黒と白のポリッシュの作り方を聞いたところ、これらをsuspension baseに1対1の割合で混ぜればOKとのこと。JOSSの黒と白も買いましたが、そちらがなくなったらこのTinterを使ってフランケンします。

Here's the swatches on nail sticks. I forgot how many coats they are, but I believe they are mostly 1 coat, and few are 2 coats. Aside from black and white, I really wanted bright red that is comparable to Mundo de Uñas Reddish. Remember I used MdU Reddish instead of regular red polish on this mani? That's because I didn't have any bold and bright red like this. MdU Reddish looks to have orange undertone compared to JOSS Dazzling, but at least this JOSS is really opaque and I really like it! You can get away with one thick coat or 2 thin coats.

Viridian Green is a bright mint green creme, and I don't have anything quite like this. I compared it to my franken 'Hisui' (swatch and recipe here) and Viridian Green is brighter. Finally More Nail Gold. I have some cool toned gold polishes, but not a bold gold like this. When I saw Cathy's swatch here, I was sold. 

I'm going to use some of them for my next mani, so stay tuned!

スティックでのSwatchはこちら。ほとんど1度塗り、数本は2度塗りだったと思います。黒と白の他に、Mundo de Uñas Reddishのような明るい赤が欲しかったのです。このネイルで普通の赤ポリッシュを使わずにMundo de Uñas Reddishを使ったのを覚えているでしょうか?少し暗めの赤はあるのですが、こういう明るい赤がなかったからです。Mundo ReddishはこのJOSS Dazzlingに比べて少しオレンジがかった赤ですが、Dazzlingは1度塗りか薄く2度塗りでいけるのでかなり気に入りました。

Viridian Greenは明るいミントグリーン。こういう色は手持ちにありません。以前作ったフランケン「翡翠」(swatchとレシピはこちら) よりも明るい色です。最後に金色シマーのMore Nail Gold。シャンパンゴールドのような金は持っていますが、こういうはっきりした金はお初です。Cathyさんのswatchをこちらで拝見し、「買うわ、これ」となったもの。

というわけでNailsuperstore Haulでした。次のネイルアートで早速このうちの数本を使ってみます。

にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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22 March 2015 at 18:24 delete

Woo! I love your treasure haul posts :D These polishes look so beautiful and I'm so impressed by how much styrofoam they put in the box!!! xD The fast delivery time is very appealing as well. Thank you always for introducing great stores to us!! I hope your keyboard will get fixed soon too <3

Cassis P
22 March 2015 at 20:32 delete

You're welcome and thank you so much for reading, Minnie! I have had such a fun time frankening using their products as well as their polishes! I hear many or most Aussie indies use their franken supplies, and no wonder people rave about Aussie brands :D

If you have a chance to shop there, don't forget to grab some JOSS polishes also. All the three colours I used for my next mani (up on IG already) are 1 coaters!!