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Feb 14th Update: I replaced the video at the end of this post with YouTube version.

As Valentine's Day approaches, you start to see lovely pink manis everywhere. I'm not much of a pink or heart girl, but I wanted to create something for this event. Then I looked through my plate collection and found something that would fit the theme. The theme is 'A ballerina and a guard who fell in love with the aid of two cupids'.

For this mani, I started off with Sinful Colors Innocent for middle and ring fingers, then stamped a geometric pattern from Dashica Infinity 84 with Mundo de Uñas Cream. Then I stamped a ballerina and a guard image from MoYou London Fairytale 10 with Mundo de Uñas Black and made a decal out of each. I coloured in with red, purple, and blue and place those decals on my nails. For other fingers, I started off with Sinful Shine Pragmatic and stamped a rose pattern from Sugar Bubbles SB 018 using Coppi's franken Coral. I added cupid image on top of it from Born Pretty 06 (discontinued) and finished off with Essence Better than Gelnails topcoat.

Phew! That's a lot of plates involved. Three of them (except for Sugar Bubbles) are all untried and I'm happy I got to finally use them. Born Pretty 06 plate is now replaced with BP-06 plate, so you shouldn't be able to get this one now. As for these old Born Pretty plates and BP plates, you might find this post by Tamira @Lacquer Lockdown useful. This old Born Pretty 06 has a cupid image which I used for this mani, but not on new BP-06 plate.

Also, the cupid on this plate is facing to the left, so for pointer whose cupid is facing right, I stamped it, then transferred to another stamper to create mirror image. This technique is explained on Anutka @Wacky Laki's blog (this post) and the full credit goes to Diana @D.I.A.N.A who invented this technique. I could use my mirrored stamping technique I showed you on this Safari mani, but just wanted to try something different.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I love a mani like this that has a story to it :)



Finished product, with Essence Better than Gelnails topcoat

中指と薬指のベースはSinful Colors Innocent。Dashica Infinity 84の幾何学模様をMundo de Uñas Creamでスタンプした後、MoYou London Fairytale 10からバレリーナと衛兵をMundo de Uñas Blackでスタンプし、decal作成。赤、青、紫で色付けして指に乗せる。他の指のベースはSinful Shine Pragmatic。Sugar Bubbles SB 018の薔薇柄をこっぴさんからいただいたフランケンCoralでスタンプし、その上にBorn Pretty 06のキューピッドをスタンプ。仕上げはEssence Better than Gelnailsトップコート。使用ポリッシュはこちら。

Polishes used


Sinful Shine Pragmatic
Sinful Shine Innocent
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
BC Co. shade #24
Coppi's franken 'Coral'
Mundo de Uñas Black
Mundo de Uñas Cream

I'm pretty happy with these colourful combinations. I love using bright colours as a base,
then stamp with lighter colours. Give some depth without disturbing the stamp on top of it I think!


今回4枚のプレートを使ったのですが、Sugar Bubbles以外はすべて初使用です。ちなみにキューピッドがあるBorn Pretty 06は廃盤になって、今はBP-06というプレートに変わっています。キューピッドは新しいプレートではいなくなっちゃいましたね。新旧プレートの画像はTamira @Lacquer Lockdown のこちらのポストをどうぞ。

One and only downside of this mani is that this Sinful Colors Innocent is quite a stainer!
I only had this mani on for a day :(

ちなみにBorn Pretty 06プレートのキューピッドは左向きなんです。なので、右を向いている人差し指のキューピッドはスタンパーにピックアップした後で別のスタンパーに転写して柄を反転しています。このサファリネイルでやったテクニックを使ってもよかったのですが、新しい手法を使いたかったのでそちらでやってみました。このテクニックはAnutka @Wacky Lakiのこちらのポストが参考になります。(※ 追記:このテクニック自体はDiana @D.I.A.N.A が考案したものだそうです。)


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