Semi-Circle Stamping Nail Art with YouTube tutorial!

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Guess what? I made another YouTube tutorial. Crazy, right? I decided to make one just because my short Instagram version couldn't cover the whole process. The video is embedded at the end of this post.

Only a week ago, I did my first mani swap with Elle @with2l on Instagram, and since then I got 3 more requests about doing either mani swap/bestie twin nails. How wonderful is it that there are ladies out there wanting to do that with me!

This time I did bestie twin nails with Jae @jae_nails. I got to know her on facebook but since we learned that she lives in Japan and I'm a Japanese, we chat in Japanese for hours over the internet. I really love her nail arts and have been admiring her work even before we got to know each other. 

This time I designed the mani first and showed her if she's interested to recreate. She liked it and she recreated with different colours. Love her choice of colours!

For this mani, I started off with MoYou London Palatinate Purple, then covered the upper part and the lower part of each nail with french guide tips. I then used two Mundo de Uñas colours to stamp a design from Pueen Encore SE03A. 

I'm quite happy with how this mani looks! I like using tapes and french guide tips with stamping, because they give an interesting look. :)

今日のネイルはまたコラボネイルです。そしてまたYouTube動画を作りました。1週間ほど前にMani swapをやったばかりですが、それから3人ほどお誘いをいただきまして。今回はMani swapじゃなくBestie twin nailsです。Mani swapはお互いの過去のネイルアートを自分なりに再現するものでしたが、Bestieは同じデザインを2人で同時にやるというもの。同じデザインといってもいろいろと調整が必要なので、今回は私が先にデザインして相手に見せ、相手がそれを再現する形になりました。

今回のお相手はJaeさん(@jae_nails)。フィリピン出身で日本に住んでいます。Facebookで数か月前に知り合って意気投合し、連日何時間も日本語でチャットしています。気さくなお姉さんなので勝手に「stamping sister」と呼んでいます(笑。ではまず出来上がりはこちら。

Finished product with Seche Vite

ベースはMoYou London Palatinate Purple。フレンチガイドで爪の上下を隠し、Mundo de Uñasの2色とPueen Encore SE03Aを使用してスタンプ。その後2mmのシルバースタッズを追加。Bestieの画像がこちら。

Bestie pic with Jae. She used different colours. Looking great! <3

私の方はちょっと色がまたファンキーになってしまいましたが、Jaeさんのは落ち着いた素敵な色合いですね(゚∀゚) ちなみに使用ポリッシュはこちら。

Polish used (names written below)


Mundo de Uñas Orange
Mundo de Uñas Avocado
MoYou London Platinate Purple
Ciate hopscotch
BC Co. Shade 17

I added the 2mm silver studs


I called this mani 'Semi-circle stamping nail art'. It doesn't really look semi-circle,
but if you watch YouTube tutorial, you'll see what I mean ;)



にほんブログ村 美容ブログ 自爪ネイルへ


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What a cool look! The video is great...I never would have thought to use French Tip guides like that. So creative!

Cassis P
18 August 2014 at 12:48 delete

Thanks Karolyn! I have lots of french tip guides that I've neglected for a long time! LOL I stil have a bit more nail ideas using french guides and tapes ^_^